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Classic bikes - What to get?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Millzy555, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. I have been trawling this thread for a while but everything seems to be related to newer bikes. I'm after an older style bike....not interested in speed/ going fast. A few options keep coming up being the RD250-400's, Kawasaki H1, GT500 and BmW R65. I like the look of all these bikes and would like something a bit different to everyone else. Budget 4-7k. Club Reg eligibility preferred. Don't mind tinkering/ tuning etc. Some commuting but mostly just getting out and riding. Any suggestions/ user reviews would be great.


  2. So lets get this straight, you're not interested in speed/going fast.......so that puts RD250-400s, H1's and GT500 out of the question. If you could find an old beamer in reasonable condition that would be the go. If you dont mind tinkering/tuning one of the 2 strokes you mentioned would be great fun however the more tuning more power thing usually results in casualties haha
  3. GT500 is fairly sedate in stock form. It was part of Suzuki's attempt to make two strokes behave like four strokes. The other strokers listed are serious headbangers though.

    Of the bikes you mention, the BMW would be probably the easiest to work on and certainly have the best spares availability. I wouldn't have an R65 though. My pick of the older boxers would be an R100RS (or an R90S if I had the budget), but I'm bigger and taller than average, which influences my preferences.
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  4. If you want older style but would like newer reliability and quality, why not buy a Royal Enfield?
  5. Well I should slightly rephrase it to say no 900 - 1000 cc road bikes. Had a look at the royal enfields but don't really take my fancy
  6. Any particular reason for your capacity cap? If it's just on the basis of behaving yourself, something like an R100 is far, far less of a hooligan bike than an RD250, for example.
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    Good point. Just don't want a race bike so to speak. Also collectability/hero or cult status preferred hence the above mentioned
  8. An option between the R100 and the R65 is the R80 monoshock, fitted with what is regarded by many as the best balanced of the BMW twins of that era. They sell for less money than the sought after 1000cc twins and are a better bike than the R65.

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    2012-Kawasaki-W800b. What about the Kawasaki W800, then???
  10. Perfect both of those look appealing. Will do some reading/ check out prices
  11. The Kawasaki makes a very important boast in its publicity blurb; where other manufacturers use chromes plastic for a lot of their brightwork, all of the Kawasaki's is real chrome steel! I like that!
  12. Good idea, looking at one of these myself.
  13. The Kawasaki is about the same price as the Moto Guzzi V7 Stone. They look awesome...
  14. If I was able to afford a two-bike garage, the W800 would be the second.....
  15. I could fit 50 bikes in my garage, that isn't the problem :)
  16. I just bought a 1996 R80 2 weeks ago and I can't stay off it. In the lead-up, I looked at a Kawa W800 and I even bought a not-running CB750 with the intention of getting it going (but I bit off more than I could chew).

    I reckon the R80 looks awesome, the motors have a super reliable reputation, and while it's not a bullet it is still pretty quick off the lights. They're a bit rare, and a R65 would be even harder to find. I had to bring mine in from South Aus to Vic because I hadn't seen any for sale in Victoria.

    I've had to spend a little bit of $ to get it up to roadworthy, and the good news is that parts are very available from shops in Melbourne (or online), many things are interchangable from other Airhead BMWs, and they haven't been particularly expensive - even things I've had to buy from BMW.
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  17. And I doubt you'll get a W800 for $4-7k.
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  18. Looking for a specific model never works for me.What I end up buying are bikes that appear in my vicinity that I like and are in good nic and are cheap.And then NEVER sell them,25 years later I keep hearing where did you find that.
  19. My options are pretty open but there's a nice R65 that i have my eye on atm. Just doing some research before i make any hasty decisions.
  20. What do youse reckon would be the bike equivalent to the 70's Falcon GT/Monaro/Torana etc? Bike doesn't have to necessarily be from the 70's or racebred...but have that same 'classic/musclecar' status where you kinda wish you had one!