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Classic Biker Sayings or Quotes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Foxy, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Ok,
    We've all heard them

    We've all used them

    Care to share?

    Can be from a sticker, T-Shirt you name it
    Ill start it off....

    "life begins at 200"
    and (on a t-shirt) "If you can read this it means the biatch fell off"
  2. So many roads; so little time.
  3. "The advantage of the rain is that, if you have a quick bike, there's no advantage."

    Barry Sheene
  4. Emblazoned on the back of many riders leather jackets in the '70s

    Self Explanitory I think :D
  5. May the force not see you.
  6. classics from the streetfighter mag

    'I ride like a tw#t me'

    ' I am no good with names, do you mind if I just call you c#nt'

    'I am still smiling because they havn't found the bodies yet'
  7. It's not speeding, it's qualifying
  8. a boring but well meant one is

    "keep the rubber side down"
  9. On the back of a t-shirt of a bloke on a bike

    If you can read this - the biatch fell off
  10. didnt realise you had a Harley!
  11. If I have to explain, you wont understand.
  12. spotted this at superbikes "9 out of 10 Honda riders recommend Yamaha"

    My wife bought me a T shirt and on the front it says "intentionaly blank" am I right in thinking she is having a go at me?
  13. "Love the smell of two-stroke in the morning!"

    ah. the good old days of riding a Suzuki A100!!
  14. I have a T-shirt that says
    "If I agreed with you... we'd both be wrong"

    Two t-shirt set, one says "I'm with shithead" the other says "So am I"
    Daughter and I have a plan to get photographed either side on Johnny the Rat Howard wearing them:D

  15. More revs, front brake......
  16. An old quote that stay's in my mind is by Will Hagon from the '86 (I think) Swann Series; "you 'won't' do it there Malcom Campbell" as Mal tries to stick it up the inside of Wayne Gardner. :D
  17. Not sure it's biking related, but more extreme sport related: "I can, until I can't."