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Clarkson met his match

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. In the latest episode of top gear, Clarkson interviewed John Prescott, who apparently is someone who was. Well, prescott got control of the interview and it became very entertaining.

    From 34 minutes
  2. I think Jeremy handled himself pretty well. The guy looked like a bit of a tool IMO. Good episode though.
  3. Professional politician, ex-minister if I understand it properly. Labour minister. You'd think (hope) he could shut down or control a crowd and a conservative motoring journalist (comedian / entertainer / celebrity) without raising a sweat, and that's what we saw. I quite enjoyed the bit I did watch, but I killed it before he started driving - not that interested...
  4. Must admit I skipped over that interview. :p

    The 959 and F40 at the start were delectable.
  5. I normally do to unless they seem particularly interesting. I watched the last two weeks, :p

    Weren't they just.
  6. Your vid takes to long to load

  7. Yeh, I would have done a youtube vid, but there wasn't one 10 hours ago.
  8. "..connecting with the electorate.." haha
  9. John prescott or two jags as he was known also punched out somebody who threw an egg at him..all caught by a tv news crew :)
  10. I was unfortunate enough to live in the UK while Prescott was an active MP and to say the guy was a bit of a tool is an understatement.
    The guy was an absolute a***hole who didn't give a toss about anyone apart from himself and made sure that he got every freebie going, paid for by the taxpayers....hmmmm, I suppose that may make him an a***hole but I suppose that's the main criteria if you want to be a politician in the UK!!!
  11. UK politics were much more interesting when the only pre-requisite seemed to be an interest in some sort of deviant sexual activity - which was probably a result of an English public boarding school education...
  12. yep. that's how he comes across in the interview. he seems like a pigheaded bully. i don't think he matched clarkson in any way. just tried to throw his weight and his oversized ego around. he looks and sounds like a nasty piece of work, in politics for power and his own selfish ends.
  13. I don't mind top gear but Clarkson can be a real arse sometimes.

    Not a huge Prescott fanboy, but Clarkson is no Kerry O'brien.
  14. Methinks Prescott looked like the wanker there... He should have known his audience.
  15. Clear points decision to Prescott. He's on hiding to nothing given his policies but Clarkson's clumsy set-ups were well anticipated.