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Clarification on Bob Jane Tyres Melbourne Store

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Someone posted in here that they went to Bob Jane and was not offered a discount as the tyres were already cheap enough.

    Well, I spoke to the franchise owner today in length and he advised me of the following;

    Every Netrider membership card holder gets a discount on their purchase.
    There is very little margin in tyres that sometimes if they were to offer 10% off after you get the best possible price from them, the final amount may actually be at below cost.

    I was told that if that is the case then they would discount the fitting or even fit for free. I was reassured that ALL Netrider members will be looked after.

    They value your custom and they are very pleased with the amount or members going to them for tyres.

    Hope that clears that up a little. Please don't think that your feedback is ignored. It may take some time to get around to it but it will happen, just not overnight :p

    On a side note, I'm told that they now do Chains & Sprockets and their prices are supposed to be very good.

  2. Id just like to say I had no problems at all getting the discount... which I was suprised to be told was gong to be $30 or $40 off the originally quoted price :shock:
    my bike is booked in on the 25th :)
  3. Yeah i got the same story :shock: but they did fit it for free :grin:
  4. Yep, back in October I was told that the tyres had gone up in the few days since I'd had the price quoted to me, so they were effectively giving me a discount already...

    Can't remember if they fitted 'em for free.
  5. Ok, so Big Bob Jane sells bike tyres in Melbournistan???? Wow , the world is looking up. No such luck here in the North. By the way, how do I get a membership card.

    W.O.R aka Rob

  6. https://netrider.net.au/?page=membership