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Clarification needed Pls

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by VTRBob, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Being up in the real big smoke ( sydney ) and it has been awhile since I've riden up here ( 15 odd years to be exact ) ,

    A : lane spliting is illegal up here right ?
    B : Is squiding a prerequisit ? every bike i've seen since being here has been a Squid !! :? :evil: :shock:
  2. A: Right.
    B: So it seems ;)

  3. Sydney
    1. yes
    2. No
  4. A. as far as i'm aware there is no actual offence as 'lane splitting' but yes, you can be done for 'failing to change lanes safely' or any number of various offences. that said, i do it everyday and have never been done (touch wood).

    as long as you don't split past a police car you ~should~ be fine ;)

    B. you would think so wouldn't you :LOL: i wear full gear when commuting or doing any riding of substance but if i'm just going round the corner i have been known to not wear the jacket. :oops:
  5. Not too many people lane FILTER up here, but not because of legal aspects, but because 10 years or more ago the government re-laned the roads from two lanes to three without widening them. The conseqence of this is that the lanes are so narrow you can't fit a cigarette paper betweeen the cars.

    Squids know no state borders!

    PM me and let's organised a ride or two.
  6. A: Yes. Bit so are all the other things that people do on the roads in Sydney that are not policed.
    B: Almost. Go on a ride somewhere fun like Old Pacific Highway or RNP and you see people wearing proper kit. Around the city, Squid central!
  7. A Yes
    B No, but drivers are so considerate in Sydney there is no danger whatsoever of being hit. If you don't leave the house that is :wink:
    Welcome to the big smoggy Bob

  8. Riding to work down Lygon street yesterday past the cemetery I got passed by an R1 with NSW plates who split (quickly) straight past about 10 cars, including a police car. I was happily cruising along in the line of traffic which was flowing freely at about 30-40k when he went past at about 60.

    Rider was wearing open face helmet, shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. :LOL: :LOL:

    The cops had no interest at all in him, and since he was at the front of the line could easily have caught him.