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Clake - brake clutch mongrel

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MarvinTheMartian, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. So did anyone else see the Clake on the New Inventors tonight?

    Seems it is a cross between a clutch and a rear brake lever all in one handy piece - replaces the clutch lever on the bike.

    Pull the lever part way in and the clutch is active, pull it all the way and the rear brake is activated.


  2. Give me a break :LOL:
  3. if i wanted to lock up the back wheel with my hand id get a push bike! :p

    good idea, I just wonder how well it would actually work though? imagine clutching to shift up just about to hit the redline and boom you lock your rear wheel up.
  4. Yep, same here :roll:
  5. It might have an application on dirt bikes and the inventor's a trials rider, but most people never use their rear brake on road bikes (I DO, but I was taught years ago how to adjust the rear brake properly)
  6. I use my rear brake alot and i would find that invention annoying. However, i really only use the rear brake when braking hard from higher speed (i'll apply it first to help settle the bike), while riding at very slow speed, while U-turning and whilst cornering if i need to make minor adjustments to my speed mid corner.

    I don't like the idea.
  7. on the virago i ONLY used the rear barke :S

    Night rider, it still aloows you to use your foot brake. just means if you pull your clutch too far, or rapidly (as in emergency stop situation) it will also apply the rear brake. would still shit me up the wall.
  8. Yeah but how hard does it apply the rear brake??? What if you adjust the rear foot brake, will this have an effect on the clutch activation of it???? How about as your pads wear down or you approach a fluid change???? Will all of these effect the clakes effectiveness due to the fact it would only apply the brake a certain amount due to the travel on the clutch lever, whereas a rear brake that has a decreased effectiveness due to any of the above variables can be compensated for, to a certain degree, by applying more pressure to the rear brake.

    EDIT: I should learn to read the article properly before opening my rather large mouth.

    Therefore i guess it would have nice stong points aswell. It'd certainly be welcomed for hill starts allowing you to simply hold in the clutch lever allowing both feet to be put down for extra stability....Also it would be handy for tight right handers on a dirt squirting when you want a bit of rear brake cornering action as you generally have your foot of the pegs.
  9. the inventor guy said that it was most useful for dirtbikes when one needs to put the right foot down for stability but also need to use the rear brake. Another example he gave was going down steep hills where you want to use the rear brake to slow you, but due to leaning back on the bike it is inconvenient to reach the rear brake with your foot.

    One problem I see with it - road or not - is to use this it means your clutch is fully engaged when you are using the rear brake. Even for hill starts it means your clutch is JUST engaging when the rear brake is removed - this would require a lot of precision with the throttle. No more are the days when you can leave your rear brake on very lightly (and for a very short time) while accelerating from a hill start.
  10. I caught it on the telly last night, the unit looked well engineered, a lot of thought had gone into it, and it was well executed.

    It was designed solely for dirtbikes, but becasue componentry is often the same on roadbikes, there is no point in saying t hat it couldn'y be applied to roadies.

    The main argument for using it was when the riders' foot was out mid corner to stabilise, and the rear brake couldn't then be applied. Very useful in the right riders/racers hands.

    Similar to Doohans thumb-operated rear brake, which would be more suitable for road riders.
  11. You don't have to use it... Your rear brake is still able to be used normally.

    Even with my limited trials experience, I can see how trials riders would love it.

    Road use - unlikely because it doesn't really confer any advantage (except as he said - on steep hill starts).
  12. I think that's a great idea.

    But how many dirt bikes have hydro clutches? I can only think of KTM but I'm sure others on here know of others.

    So in saying that, the guy that came up with the idea has a small market which is full of KTM owners that typically only buy genuine replacements.

    I've riden dirt bikes for a while and I'd rather a brake and clutch over the combo clake.

    The old dude that had the foot operated tap had a much better idea and will surve tens of thousands more people.
  13. Me to. A bit like (for all you MTB guys out there) the new Shimano STI levers like the XT/XTR one. Cool idea, great engineering, but SUCK big time to use.

    But it's been done, foot operated taps are all over the place in Hospitals. And if you can't turn the taps, how do you adjust the temp? :grin: