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NSW Claiming mileage from employer

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by lougotjangjang, May 25, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, I'm starting to travel quite a bit on my bike for work. Mostly, visiting stores to meet with franchisees.

    However I don't get paid a travel allowance. When I used to do this in a car I claim 66c/km.

    Can I do the same for a motorcycle? Can't seem to find anything on ATO website.

    Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

  2. are you claiming from your employer or claiming on your tax? they are two separate things and you are not entitled to a tax claim if your employer reimburses you for kms travelled. not sure as the topic header on your OP are in conflict.
  3. I'm claiming from my employer but I've been asked to refer to ATO for what's claimable. Hence my reference to ATO.

    Hope this clarifies. Thanks!
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    just did a very quick google using 'australian taxation office claim kilometres' and then searched the ATO webiste got the following hits:

    this one refers to making a claim for a vehicle and does not specify a car only, as a bike is a vehicle think this would apply
    https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/Inc...lculating-your-deduction/Cents-per-kilometre/ ; and,

    this one refers to making a claim for vehicles other than a car
    https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/...le-and-travel-expenses/other-travel-expenses/ .

    best advice is to speak with your tax agent. you will need to keep a log book of kms travelled, destinations etc I think one of the links helps with that.

    then tell them it's 66 cents a km and show them the first link
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  5. If you are visiting stores etc, why don't you have a company car? Will workcover cover you for if you have a prang?
  6. unfortunately not every company offers company cars
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    Thanks! I'll do that

    Yea I don't get a company car. But good spot. I'll check what my work cover covers.
  8. Workcover will cover you for personal injury whilst you at work or are engaged in work activity as far as i know. If you visiting clients of your employer then you should be covered. You are also entitled to ask your employer to cover the cost of using your own transport in doing your job, have you discussed it with them ?
  9. they will also cover you on your way to work and way home still, as far as i'm aware too, might be different in other states/territories though?
    but you must take the same route to and from work as your usual route.
    that's what it used to be anyway, but they way things change for workcover rules, it might be different now.
  10. Thia is no longer true in NSW, unless its directly attribtable to work

    Work break and journey claims
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