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Claiming expense

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiggers, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Have just discovered that i can claim up to 63c per k should i choose to use the bike.

    Had a meeting down in Canberra a
    couple of weeks ago and instead of flying I took the Mrs car. Went to claim $70 in fuel and the company account tells me ro submit a claim based on distance. $368.00.

    Guess what I'm taking next time.

    300 buck profit Will go toward chain and sprocket replacement.

  2. Don't fool yourself that you are making profit. The per km cost includes insurance, depreciation, wear and tear etc etc not just gas. But its a good way to get miles up just the time factor may be something that has to be taken into account (although you probably got to the meeting faster on the bike from Sydney than by plane!).

    Watch out for the 5-0 on the way to Canberra, they have that well staked out with radar cars.

    Cheers Spocky
  3. the time factor may be something that has to be taken into account (although you probably got to the meeting faster on the bike from Sydney than by plane!).

    This one of the reasons I took the car, what with taxi's flights and the rest of it - the door to door timing is pretty close. Plus if a meeting cancels I'm not hanging around for a couple of hours.
  4. Is it really? Friend had an interview down there. They flew her down and back and she was back at uni 6 hours later.
  5. its not that different Lilley, thats based on my last 5 trips.

    Driving its close to 3.5 hours, by the time I leave the house head to airport, hang around for a flight, the inevitable delays, taxis at the other end its pretty much the same.
  6. When the ATO deems Motorcycles to be legitimate forms of commuting, then we will see infrastructure and other shit done. Obviously, no one would use one for work purposes, so why would the tax man, and any other politician give a fark.
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    From the tax office.

    You can claim for a motorcycle but not the same way that you can for a car.


    Providing you keep mileage records of you business trips and providing you do under 5000kms for work then you can use the cents/kilometre. That's if you don't get reimbursed from your company.

    Otherwise anything the company pays you will show on your group certificate and you will have to claim that amount as a work related deduction.

    In the past I have used my bike for work related trips but made the claim for my car as used both.
  8. Heh, they call them the five-oh because in America all the cop cars used to be 5.0 Litre Ford Crown Victorias with interceptor kits... I doubt any Aussie police drive Crown Vics any more (or even ever did drive them, lol).
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  9. Thats interesting I thought it was just from "Hawaii 5-0".

    Cheers Spocky
  10. I have commuted regualry on the Sydney-Canberra trip by car over a number of years. I often find it is little different to flying in terms of time, even shorter if you are going to the mid/outer western or southern suburbs. I also prefer driving (well and truly bored by flying) and I catch up on phone calls, thinking, listening to ABC etc.

    I have also found that the police presence has reduced significantly in the last 2-3 years. Still a couple of hot spots, but if you keep your eyes peeled for both marked and unmarked, and know where they hide, then........ But 118kmh(real - set by satnav) on cruise and they leave you alone. Even gone through a bit faster and been ignored. Once I went through at about 123kmh and the guy just wagged his finger at me! Sad when I think of passing the Caribineri at 145kmh (limit 130kmh) on the autostrada north of Rome on the bike and he prods his accelerator to get me to go faster. Thought he was sucking me in, until I enventually gunned it and he smiled. About a month later, they upped the limit to 150kmh because everyone was ignoring the lower limit, even nuns in rusty Fiat Puntos!

    You also have to realise that the bike wears tires, chains, sprockets etc and services will happen more often, more kms = more depreciation, so the 63c may not be as big a bonus as you think.

    Enjoy the trip.
  11. What route do you take to Canberra? Would seem utterly boring along the freeway on the bike?!
  12. Motorway all the way as I'm usually heading down for business but I mix it up on the way back/