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Claimed my first Scalp.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. I am still not sure if it was the right thing to do, but last night I took my first Scalp in the war on Wing Mirrors.

    I was at the roundabout at the top of Alexandra Pde I was in the right lane at the lights
    Beside me was a care in the left lane, and at the lights on the roundabout was a car also in the left lane. Lights go green headcheck (Nothing coming from my right) start to move forward and the car in the left lane decides it is going to go right around the roundabout cutting me off. I’m leant in so thumb goes to the horn, and some rear break is applied (My mountain biking experience working to my advantage here) The car starts to straighten up a little then turns back into it’s corner completing the turn. (so he responded to the horn then stayed committed to his actions).
    I pull up beside him and explain to him just how un-impressed I was, he looks at me with a benign grin and sais (Yep you guessed it) “Sorry mate I didn’t see you†My response is to say Not good enough and All this moron can do is repeat “Sorry mateâ€

    So… How much does the wing mirror on a new commodore cost? (His expense not mine)
  2. What else is he supposed to say? :?
  3. Sorry, mate, but I think you went too far. He didn't hit you. You didn't drop the bike trying to avoid him. Damage to his car was unnecessary, IMO.
  4. :WStupid:
  5. I wouldn't have if the they apologize. Mirror smashing should be reserved for those who are cocks when you approach them afterwards (eg. laughing, smiling, ignoring, etc.)
  6. I concur with others. I think this creates a dangerous environment for us as a community. There is occasion for a bit of mirror smashing, window punching etc (though it's rare - I've had plenty of idiot-encounters but never a situation that actually justified violence), yet, if he was uncaring before and acted dangerously toward us, how is he and every other over-heated driver going to act when they actually have an angry grudge against "that bike" (that 'thing'). What does "the war on Wing Mirrors" translate to, regarding their weaponry on us?!

    I understand your frustration though.

  7. I have asked the question because I am not sure of the answer, so this response is not as a “Defense†of my actions. But I am a believer that actions speak louder than words. Yes his words were “I’m sorry†But his actions were to complete his turn across in front of me while the horn was blaring at him and my headlight was pointing in his window.
    So was he really sorry? Or just deflecting the situation?
  8. Based on how you described it, I think he was just deflecting the situation hoping you would leave without smashing anything. Mission failed.
  9. Is it possible he just panicked?
  10. I wonder how loud his actions of reporting Malicious Damage to the Police will speak ?
  11. I can see your point. Of course there might have been something else going on, as cookeetree suggests. But I think the violence on the road thing really needs to be avoided as much as possible - once the barrier gets crossed, more and more people pass through it. Better a culture where it's 'just not done!' (which involves just not doing it!) than one where violence on the road is common.

    Doonx, was that you in Warburton yesterday, at that bakery cafe converted from an old service station? I think I saw a license plate to that effect. I came in with two mates, us in our riding gear.
  12. I'd laugh my arse off it this story involved the Commodore being an unmarked police car.

    He didn't see you, an unfortunate part of riding a motorbike. IMHO you're a tool for damaging his car and you're damn lucky he didn't use his 1700kg car in retaliation.
  13. What question was that?
  14. mattb - yes it was :grin: You came in as I walked out ?
  15. The one question no one has bothered answering:

  16. If that was a smartarse answer from the driver, then there's some moral "rightness" to the retaliation... if not, then... ?? Maybe you took it a bit far...

    I'm not one to throw stones though...

    I've heard of a similar conversation, but after the initial "greeting" the conversation went along the lines of:

    MC: And you didn't do a headcheck after I honked you?
    Driver: I did but didn't see you (smile)
    MC: And you didn't see me in your mirror then?
    Driver: No (smile)
    MC: I could see you in your mirror... how could you not see me?
    Driver: I just didn't mate. (smile) Sorry mate (smile)
    MC: Riiight. You kept merging on me even though I was honking and gaining on you and you couldn't see anything in your mirrors or headcheck...
    Driver: I suppose so (smile)
    MC: Well clearly you <THWACK!> don't need this then. <Tinkle tinkle- mirror on ground>
  17. No the question is the one one every one has answered, and generaly they think I didn't do the right thing.
    I'll take that on board.
  18. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    But it might feel alright............
  19. Glad to hear.
  20. Eh, the guy'll bloody look next time, or at least have a think when he hears a horn.

    Good job.

    He'd be paying a fine if a cop had seen him.
    A cop wasn't there, so he's paying for a mirror.