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Claim Denied. Pay up.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Sep 15, 2007.

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  2. ha! Send them my way and to my doc... I can show/prove that 3 mogadon does zilch (for me). I was needing to take 5 each night before they took any effect when I was having my insomnia bouts (before using a pain med that helps me sleep). 3 is nuthin :wink: :grin:
  3. As always, best to say nothing. Give them the story in 20 words or less and no more. Honesty is the best policy: best for those seeking to fcuk you up.
  4. ya dont drive 15-30 mins after taking sleeping pills! ya dont drive when ure tired. whoever that 'guy' was, hes not going to get any help from the ombudsman.

    all you can hope for is this;

    hm, no room in that act,

    or perhaps the insurers compliance....no, wait, nothing there either.

    from my perspect, a woman with years of experience dealing with insurance companies, my jaw dropped lower and lower at the things that i read.

    just do the right/responsible thing and you will be screwed over a little less than completely
  5. I think the giving a false name and details probably had more to do with it than anything else.
  6. DT wrote

    dunno, i think it might av been the wole 'sleeping pills take aprox 20 mins to work, so i'll take em now and get in the car and start driving in about 15-30 mins' idea.


    thats true but a big NO NO! ive been told twice over the years why, forgotton the details but each time i was told i said o fcuk!

    i dont think its as simple as the respiritoy system going down or the whole coma danger that comes with those pill. if i were you, i would look into it.

    tis a great way to get to sleep, i with i had never been told :LOL:
  7. I don't know what you are exactly on about, I think it's a wrong assumption that the pill "makes" me sleep maybe? What the pill exactly is, is "Endep" (Amitriptyline, an anti-dep. I take it at a (far) below dose than is usually used for depression treatment, side effects at this dose can be hepful for pain (which is why I take it for) and being a lower dose "than normal" for anti-dep cases, should hopefully have far normal fewer chance of having bad side effects coming out).

    A side effect of this is drowsiness which helps me get to sleep. I take it usually about 6:30-7PM and my typical time for going to bed/falling asleep is anytime between 10 and 12. I've looked into every (possible) effect, good and bad of everything I take such as any drug and even at times, foods. I really have a big belief of "You are what you eat (food, drug, whatever) so I like to have as much knowledge as I can on what goes in. :grin:
  8. Ouch. That you mg? if so can I get your 10r :grin:
  9. Damn, I was sure this was gonna be about a non standards helmet! :LOL:

    That dude got what he deserved if you ask me.
  10. After 10 years of Policing, I can tell you one thing, crooks usually are their own worst enemy, if they could just STFU, it would make prosecuting them so much harder.
    This here is no different, really, what idiot would make such admissions?

    If the driver just kept the story simple, and short, the insurer would have had to just pay. Even stating the incorrect name DOB etc, if anything it was probably because their lic was suspended/cancelled/expired and that would come out in the wash from the COPS event, which would show licence status, however if their lic was all good, then that could just be put down to being shaken from the accident.

    Remember folks, an insurer will opt out with any available opportunity you present them to do so.
  11. this begs the question, do insurers ask what medication people take prior to insuring them? i have never been asked, or ticked a box about it on any of my vehicles, so i assume i have either been lucky or just not read the fine-print :shock:
    much of my brain-fixing medication has "do not operate machinery....blahblahblah" on it. would this contravene the abovementioned clause?
  12. On the topic of rolling yourself, when you're pulled over for a traffic infringement, the question(s) asked you by the officer is designed for you to admit fault. It makes it a whole lot more difficult to deny the infringement later if you give an explanation to the following typical questions:

    "...any reason you were speeding".
    "...any reason you failed to stop at the stop sign".

    Best response is to simply deny the infringement or be polite but say nothing. This leaves the option to object later should you wish to.

    Unfortunately, you don't have that option with a speed camera...

    By the way, where does the (not at fault) victim of the head on stand in this situation? The situation with the at fault driver's insurance denied???
  13. Paddling up shits creek without a paddle, if don’t have full insurance that is....as you will be needing to make a clame on your own policy and then they will have to get their money back from the dumbass just like if you had someone without insurance hit you at fault....
    Happened to my sister when she was stopped for quite some time at a red light, heading out of Geelong on the freeway and some drunk (VERY VERY RUDE WORDS HERE) driver ran their 4WD doing about 160-170kph (was a Unmarked cop car down the street that had just clocked him and was about to start a pursuit )into the back of her Toyota echo...bringing its total length to about half of a standard echo should be...she had to make a clam as he voided his from driving drunk....
  14. that makes it even more scary for a bloke like me! 3 vehicles, all full comp and there would never be a 12hr period where i havent taken a form of "sedative" or similar (in medical terms, its not like i take sleeping tablets :LOL: ) so im wondering if they would be able to use that as a means of refusing any claims that i ever make. or, would i have to, as waz suggested, get a letter from the quck stating that my motor skills would not be impaired by the drugs as i have been on them for a squillion years?
  15. Your quack is unlikely to be happy about putting his name on such a letter as it might mean that in the future (if you have an accident) and the insurance company witholds funds that he could be held to have contributed to your situation.

    At the very least I'd expect a GP to refer you to some sort of specialist.
  16. MG wrote

    what about the blood test?

    joel, i dont think you have to worry too much. i think they can only refuse if you're 'under the influence' which means having the effects of the sed when driving.

    they might be able to refuse if you refuse the blood test, im not sure about that one.

    cheers :cool: