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"civilian" motorcycle jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gigi, May 4, 2008.

  1. *pre-thread disclaimer* : I am young, vain, poor, and naive (as that Greek guys says, "know thy self"), and these things inform this thread: be kind please.

    I love almost everything about motorcycling, especially from an aesthetic perspective, the sound, visceral sensation etc. But I hate the gear, and indeed some "branding" of the bikes themselves. Anything involving stickers (normally stressing the letter R), helmets with ridiculous decals, bright jackets (yes i know its safer...) etc. So now I need a jacket. I cannot understand why, when i am aiming for a threshold of only BASIC torso protection, it appears to be so difficult to find a jacket doesnt have:

    - armour on the EXTERIOR of the jacket
    - a kaleidascope of hideous colours reminiscent of a LCD binge
    - advertises beer (with no royalties from the relevent company)
    - advertises tobacco (with no royalties from the relevant company)
    - advertises the actual manufacturer of the gear in a tasteless fluro coloured logo on the front/back
    - Generally has commercial logos all over as if these people were actually sponsoring me, which i think is pathetic and delusional (no offense to anyone)
    - is a shade of leather other than ninja black/poo brown
    - utilizes what appears to be a dog collar

    Okay so some of these gripes are clearly unreasonable but really i am not attacking the conventions of bike gear just really wondering where i can find a "civilian" style bike gear that will vaguely protect me. I just want bike gear that DOESN'T LOOK LIKE BIKE GEAR. I will soon be riding each day to uni and simply feel that a tight, heavy, black leather jacket with external armor and a massive ALPINE STARS logo in pink will stand out like a sore thumb. I am not a weekend rider i will be riding everyday so i need a jacket not so much for all seasons but for all "scenes". Is it vain? ofcourse. Do i care? No. I guess in my formative years i fear i am susceptible to becoming a squid. I have "regular" leather jackets that are awesome and i shamefully admit it has crossed my mind to make do with "cosmetic" leathers, even though i know they are virtually worthless in a crash. I guess im just frustrated that i cant find similar style jackets that have just enough "extra bike armour stuff" to not disintegrate withing .000001 when slid along bitchumen at speed. I am really just asking if anyone has any suggestions about where i can find this sort of gear?
  2. make yr own.
    you can buy that kevlar stuff from dupont (i dont know how much you have to buy...might be a bulk purchase. go halves with some mates) you can probably line yr existing leather jackets and jeans. you'd need to be sure the stitching was hard core and might need industrial sewing needles - but you'll be advert free (except for yr starbucks morning coffee and big mac at lunch whilst you peruse the 'insure my ride' sponsored forums -Ads by Google.)
  3. :rofl:
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. If you ride every day you will need a jacket for all seasons.
  5. Try Draggin Jeans for a kevlar lined denim jacket. Otherwise check out the fabric street jackets - they aren't as bulky as leather, offer protection, and don't have the Power Ranger look. Something like this:


    Goretex-style jackets from an outdoor shop (eg Mountain Designs) will also give you the wind and weather protection you need for daily riding, but not the crash / abrasion protection.

    Alternately, get a Draggin Jeans kevlar pullover and wear your dress jacket on top. You can take the pullover off and scrunch it into your bag when you're off the bike.

  6. I think exactly the same as you mate. I can't stand all this wanky crap that we have the choice of. Have a look at tour master stuff. Subtle. I also like the icon daytona stealth, and the accelerant stealth. They're just plain leather with no badges or embroidery. Search this site below if none of this interests you.


  7. It's basically like this: Sport bikes usually attract attention with their bright paint jobs and designs and the riders usually want to draw attention to themselves (doing wheelies or just trying to look cool to the girls) so the gear is colourful, bright and wanky, which reflects that.

    Cruiser riders usually just want to enjoy riding (they cant do wheelies anyway :p) and not necessarily get attention, and prefer the kind of style you prefer - simple and usually minimalist, which is why most of them wear open faced helmets and just a fashion leather jacket (that and they dont care) So the cruiser gear is more plain and subdued.

    Sounds like cruiser gear suits you more, which is what I posted.


    I like this Icon Daytona 'stealth' also.

    And here's a review of the Icon Accelerant. The stealth version lacks the badging but its basically the same jacket.


    Heres one of the stealth model.

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  9. Mind you, the foam-and-polycarbonate armour in the shoulders, elbows and back will still make you look like you've just stepped out of an '80s videoclip. :)
  10. wouldnt everything... considering that all bike jackets have those
  11. Well, yes, that's my point. :) The impact protection in any jacket does give you '80s-looking shoulders, for better or worse.
  12. That's the joy of black leathers and being a solid 6'3" (1.9m). When I rock up the office, people think the Terminator has arrived - well a woosy terminator without hair. But still a boy can have his fantasises :)

    Hasta la vista

  13. Check out the bike shops, and have seen some Fox jackets that go close to what you're after
  14. I was going to keep this a secret, but I have the same concerns as you and I found some gear that is made by the trusty japanes that is fashionable and made from strong materials. not race track stuff but basic protection... If you can figure out how to get it let me know because they aren't replying to my emails (probably becasue I dont speak Japanese)


    here is the translated version
  15. What are you complaining about? :p Try getting a ladies jacket to fit when you are not the size of an anorexic model or a cuddly version of a yummy mummy :? I've been searching for a plain leather jacket for the last 6 months, only found 1 jacket in the hundred I've tried on that actually fit me properly. I'm at the stage that I would buy the jackets you scorn if they actually fit me.

    Custom made is not an option ATM, but maybe when the tax man sends me a cheque I'll have to go that way :cry:

    Please Please Please let me know what brand you finally choose - sounds like you are doing lots of research :grin:
  16. wow firstly thanks everyone for the great responses. It seems i may have struck a chord, i guess a few of us are reluctant to admit to our motorcycling brethren that a steady majority look like complete imbociles at times, not so much on the bike but off it in their gear. The hoody style thing from tour masters look awesome i am definetely gonna see if thare are any places around that carry that so i can size it, it is exactly the sort of stuff i would wear at uni. a kevlar hoody... awesome. The japanese stuff is crazy awesome, definetely want to find out more about that.i did some of my own research and noticed that triumph clothing range is pretty tasteful and low key as well, whilst most of the other actual bike brand clothing is typically hideous. As for making my own... well i failed home economics at school so i wouldnt want to be relying on my attempt at an industrial grade stitching in the event of a crash but the concept is certainly novel.

    Here's to stepping straight off your bike onto the cat-walk... amen
  17. with regards to the cortech hoody, what exactly is "armortex". Only it is so chepa its almost too good to be true. From what i can gather shoulders and elbows are kevlar and "armortex" elsewhere. Is this a placebo material or is it actually going ot provide some level of abrasion protection?
  18. keep in mind those prices are in US dollars, which explains the price.