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CityLink Tunnel Cops?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WhatASlowRider, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. about 5:45pm today, very busy in the tunnel as left lane was closed, i was in the center lane, it was really slow, i had a rough night so decided to ride slow, then saw someone from behind on a bike pass me on the closed left lane, my sore back told me not to follow him, about 2 mins later, saw the dude was pulled over by someone (cop?), handing over his license sth, bad luck as bikes use the closed lane a lot (doesn't mean i do that too) and I'd never seen any cops in the tunnel b4, so guys, watch out lane splitting there.

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  2. Using closed lanes is dumb and extremely dangerous. The lane is closed. So keep out...

    I remember a few years ago when i was just starting on my P's driving, the left most lane of a two lane road was closed for repairs (it was night time), anyway i had to turn left at an approaching intersection, requiring me to turn across the closed lane, i made the turn and came extremely close to taking out a biker who decided it was a great idea to roar up the inside, riding in the closed lane.

    He was very lucky that i did not take him out.

    Riding in a closed lane is a great way to get yourself killed... nobody is going to look for you in a lane that is off limits to all traffic, especially if you are on their left.

    Good on you for deciding not to follow in his stupidity.
  3. People don't always look even if it is an open lane used quite commonly by huge buses.. Very nearly been taken out many times while riding in bus lanes.

    If the lane is closed watch out for gravel and sharp debris that can cause a flat etc or a stack.
  4. you should always check before crossing lanes. Even if it's closed. (IMO). What if there's a work vehicle coming down there?
  5. I was just about to point that out. Even if a lane is closed, it is closed for a reason and that reason is for either emergency vehicles or construction worker vehicles who are permitted to travel in the closed lane. So if you don't check your mirrors/head check before getting into the closed lane, you can ironically be collected by an ambulance.

    Citylink tunnel has the left lane closed when there is heavy traffic. It is closed in case of an emergency (if you listen to the radio, they actual tell you the situation) and allows emergency vehicles to pass quickly to the incident. IMO it is safer for riders to use the closed left hand lane, especially when hundreds of trucks and cars are stuck in the tunnel pouring out lovely fumes for riders to breathe in...also it is much easier for the rider to merge back into traffic when an emergency vehicle is rolling up behind them.

    I was stuck in the tunnel yesterday morning on the way to work due to traffic on the Monash (Burnley...longest tunnel of the 2 for those who don't know). Left lane closed and so traffic had slowed...actually stopped majority of the tunnel. When I got to the bottom of the tunnel...all I could see is smog up ahead as traffic creeped forward and left lane reopening. Flipped the visor open as soon as I got out of it. Talk about nasty fumes.
  6. I often wondered if I was the only one that felt like puking when stuck in the tunnel on a bike!
  7. Fail.

    I'll ride in whatever lane I choose.
  8. nice and warm in winter tho
  9. The Burnley tunnel entrance is a PITA. It's closed nearly every day in an attempt to limit the traffic flowing into the tunnel. However the lane opens again about 100m inside the entrance, once the far left merge lane (coming in from another road) merges.

    So all it does is make the traffic jam worse outside. Much like those stupid ramp signals, that create havoc on the arterial roads.

    The fumes are really sick making.

  10. whats a lane ?
    if it looks like a gap, smells like a gap... it's a gap
  11. Isn't a gap a lane!? :-s
  12. I understand the need to get E/S in there but FFS, closing a lane at the absolute busiest times of day - who engineered that fkn brain wave...???
  13. lanes are for cars man
  14. ok, ok but you really should say "fuckwitts" Anyone with an ounce of brains would've dragged that truck out of the tunnel to tend to the flat tyre, it's called 'common dog fuck'
  15. Sure go ahead its kind of a free country.
    Just dont complain if you get collected by a car who doenst check their inside blind spot when moving left.
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  16. Now you're getting it. Don't presume to tell other people what to do unless you're prepared to be told what to do yourself. And I'm quite confident you wouldn't like some of the things I'd tell you to do.

    Hasn't happened yet sport, but I'll be sure to keep your sage advice in mind.
  17. Indeed, I should of used the collective. Not sure about the dog though?
  18. Anyone who refuses to check their inside blind spot when moving left as you have just stated should NOT be allowed to drive. Holding on to the "you shouldn't be there, so I have every right to run you over" argument seems .... messed up....
  19. Ha ha ha I was waiting for this but I was expecting a few suggestions on what he could go and do as well.