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VIC Citylink tolls - charging bikes to come!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by wisc, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Sorry not sure if this has been discussed (or its not in the correct location) and don’t really come onto net rider often enough, however, was talking to one of the new guys here his previous job was @ Citylink, apparently they've just replaced all the still cameras with video cameras which will allow them to capture license plates of riders (don't know why they couldn’t in the past with still cameras?)

    they haven’t charged riders it in the past (or currently) as there is regulations in place to stop them, however they currently have a proposal in with the government to start charging for bikes...(currently looking like it will pass and they will be allowed to start charging)
    they are sighting eastlink as their main argument

    bad news for all of us who currently ride on citylink!

    any way to write to government to stop them? I mean really as they say me on the bike really doesn't add to the traffic (or cause congestion) a great deal as if i were in a car, don’t damage the roads like a car why should i pay like a car, anyone had experience with rallying the troops?

    or are we going to be forced to suck it up?

    not much point in me riding in if i have to pay for tolls...might as well just take the car and they arent going to care if all riders stop using citylink grrrr
  2. This topic comes up every month.
  3. hmm ok thanks just checked that thread out, seems the conclusion was that there was nothing in it, though after talking with the guy at work that worked at citylink, it is going forward and they will be charging riders.
  4. pfft they can blow me. plenty of ways in from the north, that don't hinder bikes as much as cars. Not to mention some more entertaining ways in.
  5. AFAIK, there is no legislation banning them charging bikes, they just didn't have the cameras facing the right way.

    I expect they didn't think it worthwhile $ wise to change them. That may change in the future of course.
  6. If it's true, fight this with all you can. It is F'd up here in Sydney and there is no way they will go back to bikes fee or even paying less than cars.
  7. I can't see on what grounds it can be fought.

    Congestion? Economies of scale kill that idea.
  8. There's been plenty of good arguments on Sydney tolls in other threads, but that is more about reducing them to less than cars rather than getting them for free you lucky sons of bitches.
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