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VIC Citylink to toll motorcycles!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Probably pre-empting Grant here but he got a call from the Herald-Sun a little while ago asking his opinion on the fact that Citylink is going to toll motorcycles. :furious:

    Apparently there's a government report being released today.
  2. bastards
  3. More like ShittyWank.

    I'll stop using it, I'm not paying for that rubbish.
  4. ...what's the going rate for going through the tunnels and all of Monash Freeway? Hate to pay $10+ a day to use it...even if I'm on the bike, it just cancels out my fuel savings.
  5. The ONLY reason I'm willing to take shittywank in the car and pay their exorbitant prices every once in a while is because I"m able to balance it out by not having to pay on the bike. I'm more than happy to take the ring road to get to the airport, fuck 'em.
  6. according to the shittyink page

    "The classification of vehicles for travel on CityLink is detailed in the Concession Deed, which is scheduled to the Melbourne City Link Act 1995. (http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/...nload/au/legis/vic/consol_act/mcla1995212.rtf)

    There are three vehicle classifications:

    Car: includes cars towing a trailer or caravan
    Light commercial vehicle (LCV): any cab chassis 1.5-4.5 tonne gross vehicle mass (GVM), two axles
    Heavy commercial vehicle (HCV): includes rigid trucks with three or more axles over 4.5 tonnes GVM; buses with 13 or more seats including driver and articulated trucks. "

    so does that mean they would need to change the act in order to charge motorcycle or would it have some clause in there already?
  7. +1.

    I'm lucky 'cause most of the time I don't need to pay (part of my contract at work), but it's still a wank. More traffic on Dandenong Rd methinks..
  8. All there is to go on at present is the call from the Hun. Apparently there's some sort of government report out today.
  9. Nothing on Citylink's site, and can't find any government report yet (that doesn't mean anything).
    Why does it need to be in a government report anyway? It's a business decision of the road owner. Citylink have had their intentions about this on the table since the roads opened so it's not really anything new. The only thing that is likely to have changed is the technology for reading plates. TBH whinging about this is not going to fly well with the public. Guess the free ride is over.
  10. Citylink must of found some money to swap the camera's around to take the rear of car instead of the front as it does now.

    Or are front Lic plates back on the agenda?
  11. OK things are becoming a little clearer.

    The "report" the Hun journo mentioned turns out to be the Government Gazette. They've published a list of the approved toll changes. This includes motorcycle toll rates. But it has always included motorcycle toll rates. The reson it's there is because the government ahs to approve and publically gazette any toll increases.

    The issue is whether CityLink have decided to toll motorcycles or not. At present they haven't mentioned it.

    This is what happened some years ago - the rates were published in the gazette and on their web site and there was an assumption (actually unfounded as it turns out) that they were going to start tolling bikes.

    At the time (after a protest ride and a consultation with riders) they said they had no plans to toll bikes and, if they ever did, would give several months notice.

    I think we need to actually get in touch with them and see what the situation is.
  12. I thought part of the reason the City Link didn't charge bikes is because the cameras on take photos of the front of vehicles, not the rear.

    So if they are to charge bikes a toll, they'd need to install extra cameras first.
  13. The ability to take both front and rear plates have been in place in Citylink for a long time. they just chose not to charge bikes. Not sure with the coming upgrade of the tolling system if it is in the agenda. (Project Glide)
  14. herald sun is just tabloid news. not intended as reliable source of factual information.
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  15. In Queensland motorbikes pay all tolls. Just at a "discounted" rate compared to a car.

    Saying that, where I live I can easily avoid any toll road without adding more than 5 mins to my trip anywhere.
  16. NSW we pay full tolls and if you live out West that could be $20 a trip each way. The tolls just never end
  17. Guys the discussion is centred around citylink in victoria, keep it on this not the interstate tolls.

    Having said that the only tollway in victoria that actively tolls bikes is eastlink.
  18. The Hun journo has been back in touch - there is no current intention to toll motorcycles. It's as I posted above, he saw the tolls listed in the Gazette and assumed that they were going to commence tolls.
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  19. De-cock your pistol then Tony!
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  20. Sorry Smee, I was just making the point that it's not worth whinging about when Vic seems to be the only state to NOT toll motorcyclists (on most toll roads anyway).

    As if the private companies running these roads wouldn't try and get at least a little bit of money out of EVERYONE who uses "their" roads.