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VIC Citylink to start charging for bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, May 11, 2005.

  1. Transurban called the MRAA tonight to announce that they want to toll bikes on the Monash at 50% of the car rate.

    They will use use the new rear facing cameras and send accounts out.

    This is in direct defiance of a promise made 2 years ago that they would not consider tolling bikes for the next 5 years.

    More info will be forthcoming in the morning...
    Meanwhile further details (and proposed action) will be available on http://www.mraa.org.au as soon as we can rouse a webmaster to do it :)

    The Age has done an interview on the subject with Dale Maggs - MRAA President and it's in tomorrows edition (we hope).

    While I realise that there are people who may want to pull this post because it mentions the MRAA I hope that the moderators are above that... It's too damn important for petty tribal politics! :evil:

    There are principles here...

    1. They are reneging on a promise... :x
    2. OK, other people pay - maybe we should. 50% is too high. Bikes generally are rated as 1/10 of a car for traffic purposes. If we do pay then that's the maximum we should pay... :?

    There's other issues as well but I've had a long awful day and my brain isn't functioning well tonight so I'm not really up to spelling them out. I'll post tomorrow - time & moderators willing :!:

    Look at the web sites, forums & media for further action, people...

    Secretary MRAA


    I think you have netrider confused with the MRAA.

    We listed the toyrun info..............

    Sorry, I just couldnt resist. :)
  3. aww what your kidding *groans*

    To be honest when I starting riding I thought it would be too good to be true for freebies like that. Has anyone else noticed the explosion in the number of people taking up motorcycling?
  4. I've now posted the details of a protest rider we are calling on the mraa site. http://www.mraa.org.au for 4:00pm, next Friday, 20 May. I hope TransUrban will see some sense, but as riders we want a chance to have our say too.

    I personally don't have a problem with them tolling us.

    With point 1. Damn politicians do it all the time. What can we do, nothing I believe. Ok so if you organise a protest ride the tolling will still come in. Free enterprise and all that stuff. *Utter Utter Bastards*

    Point 2. I believe you have a fair argument here but I don't like your chances. I agree with what your saying about the 1/10th part but I am sure the bean counters (my uncle heads up the Dept) don't see it like that. We have had many heated discussions about this topic over the last couple of years.

    Me personally I don't see the problem with the 50% (ducks for cover).

    Good Luck with your endevours.

    Cheers 8)
  6. Whoops, my rego sticker holder seems to have slipped over a digit on my number plate again!

    I hate companies that money grab like that.
    Banks especially, they only made tens of millions of dollars profit this financial year, we better raise fees!
  7. Fcuk the city link :evil: , it's a boring stretch of road anyways. Just go around it.

    I went through it the tunnel the other night and it had one lane closed, speed reduced to 60 and my engine temp was rising while travelling inside that fume oven! Who'd be happy to pay money for that?
  8. I don't think you'll get much sympathy or public support from all the punters who don't ride bikes who have to pay Tolls. I think people will consider as we've already had free travel for 5 years we don't have much to complain about.
  9. well,looks like i will be not using that road
  10. Bracks you bastard..... gimme my $50 back.

    Looks like the Eastern Freeway for me..... but I will be there Friday the 20th..
    Suprised the bastards haven't mentioned footpath parking
    "little mini meters lined up along Elizabeth St"

    Do we know if it's the Monash right through to Tulla, and will it include the new Tollway from Scoresby to Frankston?

    And where do I stick the Etag where it won't get nicked, wet or fall off.
  11. Didn't you read the original post? An etag is not required.
  12. We should NOT be paying tolls anyway for a highway that SHOULD have been made and paid with tax dollars anyway. What have i been paying petrol tax for? is that money even used for road maintenance/projects or is it lining someones pockets? I say ride and Drive through the toll on fri and bring all your mates in cars and send tell the government and transurban to fcuk off. We should NOT be paying tolls anyway for a highway that SHOULD have been made and paid with tax dollars anyway. What have i been paying petrol tax for? is that money even used for road maintenance/projects or is it lining someones pockets? I say ride and Drive through the toll on fri and bring all your mates in cars and send tell the government and transurban to fcuk off. Why is anyone suprised that transurban lied, was the deal contractually binding? if it was whats going to happen?

  13. It was pre-coffee..gimme a break
  14. Bikers revved up over CityLink toll
    By Dan Silkstone Transport reporter The Age
    May 12, 2005*

    Citylink is about to end the free ride for Victorian motorcyclists by switching on new cameras that will make them pay tolls for the first time.

    Motorbike riders have not paid tolls since CityLink opened in 1999 because the number plate recognition cameras used by the toll road's operator, Transurban, take only front-on snapshots. Motorcycles do not have front number plates and cannot be fitted with e-tags.

    But new rear-view cameras recently installed along the toll road will allow Transurban to identify motorcycle number plates and realise its long-held goal of recovering tolls from motorcyclists.

    CityLink spokeswoman Jane Calvert said yesterday a decision on tolling motorcyclists would not be made until testing showed the technology was reliable and efficient.

    If motorbike tolls are charged, they will be half those paid by car drivers.

    Yesterday's news drew a furious reaction from the Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia, whose president, Dale Maggs, threatened protest action if the change went ahead. "Economically and environmentally, motorcycles are a lot friendlier to Melbourne," Mr Maggs said. "We don't degrade the road like cars and trucks do.

    "They want to charge us half, but motorcycles weigh only a fifth of what a car does."

    Rear-view cameras have been installed at all 17 tolling points along CityLink and will soon be working to identify car traffic. But testing of motorcycle number plate recognition will continue.

    Ms Calvert said that once a decision was made, motorcyclists would be given four months' grace to get used to the change.

    "CityLink is a user-pays system and therefore it is only fair that all those who use the toll road should pay for that usage," she said.

    "But up until now we haven't had a system that's enabled us to toll motorbikes with the required degree of accuracy and efficiency."

    Mr Maggs said CityLink was breaching a verbal assurance given to motorcyclists in 2003 not to toll motorbikes for at least five years. He said the agreement was made after hundreds of motorcyclists clogged the Burnley tunnel, protesting against State Government moves to introduce front number plates.

    He said that more protests could follow if Transurban did not change its policy. "We'll talk if they want to negotiate but if it turns out unsatisfactory to us then we'll make sure that they know we are here," he said.

    The new cameras will also improve CityLink's ability to identify car drivers - allowing the road operator to consult a rear-view photograph when the front-on shot is unclear. Some drivers escape being charged because of unclear photographic evidence.

    The "video matching fee" charged in cases where cameras are used to charge tolls rather than e-tags will also be reviewed after the new cameras are switched on and could rise from its current level of $1.20.
    and there you have it :evil:
  15. with that last paragraph in the article posted by smitty - does that mean bikes will be charged the 50% fee PLUS a matching fee of $1.20? I would not think that is fair because bikes - admitted in that same article - can not be fitted with e-tags. If they do that they are essentially charging us because of their own technological limitations.

    As for paying tolls - I never heard of the verbal agreement. Always on citylink site they have indicated a motorcyclists fee, and the only agreement that I ever heard was something along the lines of "we do not have any plans to start charging bikes in the near future" or something like that. Near future - is 2 years near future?

    Would I like to not pay tolls - yes.
    Do I think it is my right not to pay tolls when cars do - no.
  16. I'm also curious how the system will go when a bike is lanesplitting through peak hour traffic with a row of cars under the cameras and a bike in the middle of the lane...
  17. yeah
    was thinking the same myself...when i posted the press article....
    of course
    what camera can read a plate...if the plate points to the ground
    because the front wheel is a metre in the air.... :p :p
  18. Does this then mean if we were to ride along the line divinding the lanes when we go under one of the tolling gantries, will the camera still catch the number plate?
  19. Personally, I can't really complain about being tolled on a toll road, apart from my general hatred of the whole concept of toll roads in general. We pay enough to use the damn roads, the LEAST that can be done is to let you use them without additional cost.

    Q. Should bikes be tolled on a toll road?
    A. Yes. Its a TOLL road. Thats what they do.

    Q. Should bikes be tolled at 50% of a car?
    A. I would have thought that a bit extreme, but its privately owned - they're choice. Best thing you can do is stop using it if you don't like it.

    Q. Should bikes incur that $1.20 fee for sending out an account?
    A. HELL NO!!! Thats a limitation of e-tag technology. That charge should NOT (and legally, probably, could be protested) be applied, since its a known limitation that bikes can't be fitted with e-tags.

    I'm just going to do what I've always done with toll roads in the car, and that is - AVOID THEM. Problem solved, in my book.
  20. Most likely, I think they have some overlap. At least, it shouldnt have been too hard to design with overlap. After all, a car or truck can still drive down the dividing line as well so the helpful authorities would probably have thought about that (even if bikes didnt occur to them). The angle may make it harder to read the plate so thats where the additional $1.20 (soon to be increased) fee comes in.