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Citylink Push-Bike Protest in Trouble???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by boz, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. I realise that many people on this list question the illicit behaviour of cyclists (if they can do it why can't we), and thought I would post this up for info. Apparently the yearly citylink protest run by the group criticalmass is in jeapordy:
    from the age

  2. Of course they could all ride pocket bikes without helmets and be legal......
  3. Transurban arseholes!!!

    Critical Mass and other group rides is the only time cyclists are able to hold thier own on the road and they are usually pretty peaceful. What happened to the publics right to peaceful protest?
  4. Disappeared with economic considerations.

    Soon we will see the emergence of US style 'free speech zones' where you can peacefully protest out of the sight of anyone and everyone.
  5. From the Age
    I never want to be a psrt of a group that classifies me as a "fluffie" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: . Last time I checked, a "fluffie" was a term for breaking wind.

    I'm not suprised the police are taking a hard line with this. The occasional protest to make a point regarding a particular issue is fair enough but it's too much to expect a private company to lose revenue on a annual basis just to accomodate a particular group's agenda. Would any company give up $40,000 just to let group X inconvienience it's paying customers? Doubt it.
  6. Well I hope this ride goes ahead. Those "in charge" of this over regulated police state need to be shown that its citizens aren't just a herd of cash cows milling about waiting to be milked. STICK IT TO THE MAN!! :evil:
  7. As far as I am aware, correct me if I'm mistaken, but the right to peaceful protest does not include doing so on private property or does it? If not then there is no "right" to protest through the tunnel if the owners of the tunnel, Transurban, don't want you there.

    It isn't much different from a bunch of vegans blocking the entrance of a butchers and preventing people doing business with the store. The butchers lose revenue because of this one special interest group. Hardly fair is it?

    From what I read in the article Critical Mass has a monthly ride through Melbourne and there was no talk of preventing this from happening. It's a public space so they have as much right to ride through for whatever reason as everyone else.

    I may have missed something but this seems more about the right of the owners of the road preventing a special interest group from affecting it's lawful business operations, not a right to protest on public land, which the road isn't.
  8. Good point Deyago, but hell, $40,000 for perhaps an hours disruption? Boy, am I in the wrong industry, I should get into toll roads!! :LOL:
  9. From the article...
    "Critical Mass targets CityLink because they say it is a symbol of the privatisation of public space."
  10. The thing that I haven't heard a full explanation of is ...

    Is Citylink private property or is it a Public road with a private industry administrator? I would have thought the latter as the Citylink road system is meant to revert to government hands at some future (no doubt frequently postponed) point in time.

    Should we feel bad about Citylink losing money. I can understand concerns that their revenue may suffer but I am also mindful of the way that construction cost and time over-runs, poor safety standards, sub-standard building practices and over generous construction bonds have cost the taxpayers of this state dearly with absolutely no recompense offered or considered.
  11. How about we change the could be to will be, maybe that might have some effect... Can you imagine the uproar if one of these people was to get knocked off their cycles by a vehicle travelling at 100kph?

    Let them pay vehicle registration costs like everyone else does, then I may take cyclists seriously as road users.
  12. Here! Here! :LOL:
  13. I wish it to be noted that I'm not touching that one with a 10ft pole after last time! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: .

    Yeah , I saw that too. But IS it actually a public space? It wasn't even there until a private company undertook the contruction. The point made before about the ownership reverting to the state after a period of time makes it a little more interesting but that may be a type of buy back clause, I don't know though.

    Spectre, we are in the wrong business, that's for sure. Or too far down the food trough to make it worthwhile :wink: .
  14. Haven't they seen the signs at the start of the freeway leading to city link which prohibits bicycles?
  15. Citylink tunnel is Vic roads responsibility, administrated by Transurban. Goes back to Vic roads in 2020 (?? Thereabouts).
    I cycle as my commute to/from work. (M’cycle weekends, for longer distances etc.).
    As a cyclist, I’m a 2nd class citizen wherever I go, roads, footpaths, bike lanes you name it. Gotta keep an eye out for everyone & everything. Sure 75% of the other road users give you room, but the other 25% don’t understand where you stand on a public road. Are you treated as a car, a pedestrian etc? Also size (and threat to car drivers etc) discounts others taking you into account. You think riding a motorcycle is like being invisible, at least the motorbike gives you the power/speed & braking to avoid other road users. On a pushie you take it on the chin, crappy brakes, no power, you’re the little ****** nobody likes.
    Took me 3yrs before I started to drop the good citizen act out on the roads on my pushie. I would rather take the risk & run the red light under my own accord than expect other roads users to look out for a cyclist when they’re pulling out/in, opening doors, crossing streets, merging, braking or simply negotiating a bend in the road.

    Sure I don’t pay rego on my pushie, but motorbikes don’t pay Citylink tolls either. But is that what it has come down to? If you can pay for it then you’re allowed to use it? We all contribute in taxes, duties, fees & rego on other forms of transport.
    Transurban commandeered quite a stretch of public road to run their tolls on. Did you get a rebate in your bike/car rego for it?

    Critical Mass is as medium in which the cycling community highlight their presence on the roads in the city of which they are part of by amassing in numbers on their rides. There is room for everyone on the roads. Some take up more than their share, while some miss out.
    Imagine public funded roads which are prohibited to motorcycles.
  16. They should be locked up for what they are doing.

    1. why do bike riders (motorcyclists) have to put in traffic management plans etc for rides and these ferrets can do anything they want?
    answer :Because this group are not an association they can not have legal action or be sued for costs / disruption / loss of earning by city link .
    2. when they blocked the tunnel or the bridge the first time they blocked all traffic , this included emergency vehicles and alike.
    this endangers the lives of people (Innocent people)
    3. when the motorbikes rode the tunnel we used 1-2 lanes only , this way we did not block the tunnel off.
    4. people have the right to protest and have freedom of speech , but with those rights comes responsibility's, if they are going to endanger the general public and them selves they shouldn't have rights.
    I hope the police arrest them and take there bikes off them.
    that would teach them a lesson,.
    5. its OK to talk about police states etc , but you want to protest , do it properly.
    6. why block traffic and road users to push the point of corporate issues (privatization)
    want to protest about camera's , road laws , road deaths , maybe but these people are protesting about non road related issues and all they are going to do is turn the public against them.

    maybe the state government will now stop spending money on lanes for them and open them up to motorcycles

  17. Yup bring it on Pharkin 8)
  18. No thanks Glen, I'm already on all Victorian bicyclist's hit lists.....damn road leeches! :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :-# .

    I do agree that a total blockage is totally unacceptable. You don't need to close down a major arterial road just to make a point.

    So Karen and Jason, tell us more about this idea to register bicycles? Enquiring minds want to know.... :wink:

    I'll be in my bunker with a bottle of plonk if anyone needs me.
  19. are we supposed to feel sorry for these people?

    if it was a motorcycle protest in jepardy do you think the pushie community would give a rats ass?

    so they are peeved cause some places are closed to pushbikes, for gods sake get a life, i dont know many people who would want to ride through the tunnel on a pushie when the tan tracks and bike lanes are musch less dangerous.

    to all the pushie riders out there.

  20. I reckon this Friday evening will less as disruptive than Cranbourne was 1 hr after the end of MotoGP race this year.

    $40,000 in lost revenue, please. As if me losing $40,000 would be of consern to Transurban.

    The police will definately be out in force to manage the traffic, don't you worry about that. Critical mass are certainly not a fast moving lot.

    Don't be too quick to dispise this lot, because that is exactly what motorcyclists get from other sectors of our society, Doesn't that make you out as bad an everyone else?