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Citylink, city bound - just before Bolte bridge approx. 8:15am

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by BrightBlue, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. This is really more of an apology than a near miss, hear me out.

    This morning city bound on City Link before the Bolte bridge I was splitting between the 2nd and 3rd lanes when I came up behind another rider, riding mid-lane. I paused to see whether they were planning on splitting ahead of me or not, when it seemed clear this wasn't the case I moved further over to the left to give him enough space and headed on through... just in time for the ute in front of him to start changing lanes (indicators on as he starts changing... "confirmators" I think someone here dubbed them). I see the ute, brake to get out of the way - the ute sees me and also brakes (harder than needed) right in front of the poor bastard I was trying NOT to get in the way of.

    So to said rider, if you read this - you have my sincere apologies.

    Comments on my conduct welcome (with trepidation).

  2. I noticed a blue bike of some form being looked at in the emergency lane just before Dynon Rd just before 8am this morning, one and the same perhaps??
  3. No, the bike was black - and I'd really like to think that I would have noticed if he'd come off.

    It was really just that I felt s*&^ at having inadvertently caused an issue for the other rider - I've had next to no social contact with other riders up to this point and I'd just prefer to show the proper amount of respect to my compatriots. It's enough that cagers are happy to treat our lives as expendable without us having an equally poor attitude amongst ourselves, yes?
  4. Splitting is observation and judgment calls - perhaps you zigged when you should have zagged - perhaps this would have occurred even if you hadn't been there - the fact you're man enough to acknowledge you may have contributed to an incident is worthy of a little respect (y)