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Citylink breakdown - thanks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by El Damo, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. A big thankyou to the rider who pulled over to see if I needed help earlier today. It was about 12:30 on Citylink, just before the Moreland Rd exit.
    There wasn't anything you could do, but the offer was very much appreciated. :)

    Thanks also to the several riders who slowed down and waited for me to signal that I was OK before riding on. :)

  2. I've been having trouble starting it (has to be jump-started every time) so I was taking it to an auto electrician to get that looked at. On the way it suddenly lost all power - no throttle, no lights, nothing - so I rolled off the road and called RACV, who sent out a Citylink breakdown van about 5 minutes later.

    The Citylink guy got the bike started (the lead had come loose on one terminal and it needed to be jumped again - stupid me didn't have the right size spanner and hex keys to get the seat off) but when he checked he found it was over-charging the battery. We decided that rather than risk further damage from an over-charging alternator he'd call a tow truck to get the bike and I to our intended destination. At that point all I could do was sit around, wait, and wish I'd brought something to read and some sunscreen.
  3. I was going the opposite way, I slowed down to have a gander, but you had the big bad citylink emergency van there with you, so i kept going.

    Glad you're ok :)
  4. Sounds like your regulator/rectifier is cactus and needs replacing.
  5. this'll prolly sound kinda sucky... but how awesome is the 'motorbike club' i got a wave today from a fellow rider.. i was stoked.... i'm now in the club....
    best i've got from a fellow car driver was the finger!!

    :) sorry for the thread jack :D
  6. I was almost going to write "feel free to jack away" - then I realised how dodgy that would have sounded.

    And yes - the motorbike "nod/wave" club is awesome. :grin:

    From reading previous posts here that's what I thought it was, but I decided to get a pro to check/fix it because (a) I'd probably diagnose the wrong problem, (b) if I did diagnose the right problem I'd probably stuff up the repair, and (c) I'd probably miss something else.
  7. I knew it would be a NR when my cousin msged me to tell me!!!

    Glad to hear you're ok.
  8. I'm just glad the bike is finally getting fixed properly. It's been out of action for a little while, but unfortunately I've been working and/or studying 6 or 7 days a week for a few months, so I've not had time to do anything about getting it fixed.

    Mind you there were really only three situations in which I missed the bike:
    1) Little or no traffic - usually cruising to work along Kororoit Creek Rd or the freeway at 5:20am and I'd think "Geez it'd be nice to blast along here on the bike" (insofar as a 250cc cruiser is capable of "blasting along")
    2) Heavy, stopped traffic when I'd sit there and jealously watch riders go by in our magic extra lane(s).
    3) Any other time I had to drive by myself.

    Once the bike is fixed I can get a bit of riding in to polish up my skills, which have gone a little rusty, then book my Ps test.

    I've been told by Vicroads that as I hold a full car license I only need to have my bike Ps for 6 months before restrictions are lifted. If that's the case, would someone like to give me a late model Sprint ST?
  9. I highly doubt that is the case. Having a full car licence means you do not need to display P plates, but you are still restricted to a sub-260cc machine for 12 months.


    Under Rule 211(4).

    I have not found anything so far to contradict this, so you might want to ask some other people at Vicroads as to me it sounds as though the one giving you advice may have been mis-informed..
  10. Bugger. :(
    Oh well - would someone like to buy me a Sprint ST anyway? :wink:

    Edit: The bike is fixed. So far it has been ridden from Coburg to the QV Market, then from the market to home. Rec/reg has been replaced, along with the battery and headlight it had killed.