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CityEnd down but not out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CityEnd, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    I had a fall today at kinglake, was coming around a right hand bend, wasn't a difficult one, but I think my fear let me down, I was paranoid about on coming traffic, as i saw a couple of old school celicas come through and knew there was a car cruise coming the other way. Well at the bend, there were on coming traffic so i went wide for the turn. I got a bit too close to the gravel on the side of the road and the bike just went from under me, slide into a ditch which in the end looked like the bike had come in from outer space and created a crater :)

    had a lot of friendly people stop and offered help, even some of those celicas too, but these guys in a white ford helped me pull the bike out of the ditch and unbent my rear brake lever witch was wrapped around the foot peg. I wish to send out a special thanks to them

    there were also a couple of riders who stopped to see if they could help, had a bit of a chat, my bike was still running, but engine was flooded so I just had to sit there and wait. they had a zzr250 and the other a 600 something,
    as they were about to leave, one guys ask if I have access to a computer and internet,
    I say yes
    and he says, you should check this out... and points to his bling out netrider license plate holder :LOL:

    so Jaws, thanks for stopping mate and get your friend Ian on board too :)
  2. :worthlesspics:

    scared of old celicas? geez you're a pansy. :twisted: :p

    good to hear you got away with it without injury.
    once you're back on the bike go scare a car off the road and into a ditch to even things up. :wink:
  3. RAWR! :p

    glad to hear your ok.

    just cant escape netriders can you??
  4. Hey CityEnd, good to hear you made it home ok.
    At least there was no damage to you.

    Hope the fall doesn't set you back too much $$$
    (Post a pic if you can)

    Anyway, all the best, and hope to catch up for a ride when all is well again

  5. Connecting people, what more needs be said.

    Good to hear it wasn't that dramatic; any off that you can ride home from is good....
  6. Good to hear your ok...St Andrews/Kinglake Rd is a pretty full on road with very little room for error it could have been alot worse...bikes can be fixed up though so as long as your ok get back out there!
  7. True Hornet... it's bad to have an off, but if one has to have them then ones that you can ride home from are to be hoped for ;)
  8. well pics as requested

    the bike
    the length I slid
    the ditch I finished up in
    netriders riding away

    looking back at the pics, the road seems pretty straight where i went down.. haha but you can see the bend right before it, in the netriders pic

    haha I know you're taking the piss out of me, but I still have to explain myself, it wasn't the particular car, but the fact that there was a 'car cruise' going on and sometimes people in car cruises drive pretty erraticly, not that I noticed with the celicas that I saw

    well I was glad one of the riders was a netrider too :)

    my pride and my wallet is hurting the most, otherwise I'm fine, only visable damage on my body is a 2cm grase.

    thanks for your commets guys, yeah I'm glad i was able to ride home, or it would have been a long walk home hehe

  9. to be able to ride home is good.
    my first crash I had to walk my bike home on a very bruised and swollen ankle

    good that your ok
  10. I was up that way to and from Broadford for the Southern Classic - it's been a while, I had a ball, bt they are roads that can unnerve you. Glad to hear you're okay mate.
  11. Ack! What the!!?!

    I finally gain noteriety by getting my picture on Netrider and I'm PUSHING the bike. :oops:

    Oh the humility!

  12. Hey Chris, your bike needs a wash :LOL:
    Glad you got out ok though :grin:
  13.  Top
  14. Could have been worse, you could have gone off the other side down the cliff like that white Prado. Dunno if you noticed or it was still there but it was there yesterday.

    Anyway, bad luck there CityEnd. Bike still looks in good nick so as long as you can learn a lesson from it then some good can come out of it.
  15. you bastard... swap bikes??? mine's a very messy zzr!!! thank ur lucky's for the ditch... fairings and asphalt don't go so delicately together....
    i understand your pain.... the scratches you might keep on the fairings.... it's just that you went so fast the paint started comin off and stuff.....
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Nice pic of my backside
    If i do say so myself!
  17. Yep, I saw it hanging down the cliff on my way back down the hill today (only because of 2 bikes and some other people stopped on the road to have a look at it).

    Talk about serious off roading! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I do hope no-one was hurt though. It was a fair way down the hill.

    Glad you're OK Cityend. Bikes can be fixed, if you're alright then you've done well. :) fcuk that road is a lot of fun though isn't it! :LOL:
  18. Wow, can see how much the brake is bent! nasty!
  19. That was after it was bent back into a useable possition.

    It was jammed around and under the peg when it was pulled from the ditch.
  20. Bloody oath. Always been intimidated by it but yesterday i did 3 laps of it and i love the thing. Probably would have done more had the fuel light not drag me away. I find it teaches you alot about your bike and your skills. A measuring stick perhaps, always puts me back in my place.