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City West Yamaha ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. G'day all...

    I am currently shopping around for a bike and have looked at a couple of bikes at City West Yamaha in Hoppers Crossing. Anyone bought a bike or gear from there ? Were you happy with the deal / service ? Would you recommend them ? Sorry for all the questions but as a complete noob I don't want to be taken for a ride (pun intended). :wink:
  2. Hey Hopper,

    Cant believe youre still looking!!!!!!! Hurry up & get on the road :wink::LOL:

    Ive found the guys at City West are great for knowledge, advice & service as well as lightning quick at getting parts when needed.

    Did find however (when I was doing my shop around) that their prices on bikes new & 2ndhand as well as gear can be inflated so suggest you have comparisions before you try any bartering for best price if some items have caught your eye.

    When they do have their apparel sales there can be quite a few bargains then as they bring in a lot of extra surplus stock that isnt in the store usually, however it could be a wait for the next one as they had one about a month or so ago. Havent noticed any bike "sales" from there tho.
  3. Yeah ... still looking, kinda sad huh :oops: I just dont wanna jump right in and then feel like I have been ripped off, and then I see all the riders out on a nice day and think "stuff it, I am buying a bike this week". Anyways, hopefully by this time next week I will be out on the road. :grin:
  4. all good !
    PM sent
  5. Don't buy from City west based on price, buy from them if you want good back up service and good advice. Their service department is consistantly above par, do be specific with what you are wanting them to do when you drop the bike in though. I do believe they will price well against other service centers on most service work.

    If you want a hand yell out because I'm happy for an excuse to visit the bike shops :)

    I may also be able to give you some more bargaining power, maybe.
  6. Thanks port80, good advice. I see that you are not far from me, I may call on your expertise to check over a bike or 2 if you have some time in the near future. If I purchase a bike from there (which I probably will) I will be using their service facility.
  7. Pick me, pick me, the doods there know my mug :)

    Poor suckers :LOL:
  8. Not working today :)

    Have you got your cash ready? Can we go bike shopping yet? Can we, now please? How about now?
  9. I gotta drive past it later on, sing out if you plan on going today
  10. Thanks port80 and Vic, unfortunately I am at work and happen to work some long hours, best I can hope for is Saturday morning - I am going to have a look at the bikes that I have an eye on and if I like the look of them I will definately be asking for help with checking the bikes over and getting an experienced opinion.

    Thanks for your help, this netrider forum is an amazing place.
  11. Sweet, I'm in Sydney on Saturday but if you want soem moral support when talking price with the boys, sing out.
  12. dropped into City West today ...had 1/2 hour ....really nice 2000 ZZR ..but $5900 ? thinks I will stick with the Hyo.......dunno ...seems 2nd hnd 250's are way over priced here in Vic.

    I felt was a nice bike...20k on the clock...what does anyone else think it may be worth?
  13. Whats that saying........ great minds think alike :LOL:
    Were you looking at the maroon or silver zzr ? and where was the hyo ? I never noticed it when I was there browsing!!!

    Agree tho, I thought the zzr's were lil bit pricey after I did some comparisions on some i/net selling sites, still I didnt ask what extras if any they were throwing in with the deal or if the prices were negotiable or by how much etc.

    Take a look at http://www.redbookasiapacific.com/au/mcycle/index.php for a general valuation guide, it might help but sometimes the figures can be off the mark from what the market is.
  14. Hey Nixon,

    Was the maroon / burgundy ZZR...nice bike but $5900 ? dunno...I have sort of come to the conclusion that the Virago sits a little too low for me...I am out to buy now ...but still dont wanna gett ripped off.

    Dropped into Xtreme today too.....nice gear!
  15. toldya was worth having a look & great prices ;)

    will pm some links to you that might help your bike shopping !
  16. thanks Nixon, there wasn't a Hyo there ....but was thinking $5900 for 2000 ZZR or $6500 - $7500 for brand new Hyo with 24mnth warranty.

    Gotta say tho ...nice guys at City West ...wern't pushy...invited me to sit on bikes etc and some very cool gear at xtreme
  17. Are you around this afternoon? tomorrow?

    I can find a spare hour to give you a hand

    Call me, call me now, you know you wanna big boy, call me on 1900.............. :rofl:

    My number is over there <-----------------
  18. That may have been the sticker price, but by the time you facter in gear that price may comparitively drop. You're doing the right thing by getting in there and putting your bum on seats. When it comes time to bargain grab somebody that knows those guys and they'll help you get a good deal.
  19. What is this reply doing in here :? :? :? I replied to the other thread :?
    Oh well, offer still stands
  20. Something might be broken, better let the Admins know :p