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City West Yamaha Ram Raid

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by katcando, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Last night (27/10/2011) our store was ram raided. All of the kids bikes were taken. These were PW50, PW80, TTR50,TTR110e and TTR125LWE.

    Please be aware of spanking new kids bikes without keys or fiddled with locks being offered for sale. These bikes will all be listed on the stolen bike register at Vic Roads.

    If you see or hear of anything that might be one of these please phone Werribee Police. Any information at all would be helpful.
  2. Wtf..... wonder what that was all about.
  3. Last Christmas these things were being sold out of vans on the side of the road in Sydney, dirt cheap...
    I'll stop for a look if I see them this year...
  4. Ah, no good, sorry to hear.

    That's where I get my Yamaha spares from :(

    Anything else we should keep an eye out for?
  5. Fark me! That's audacious.
  6. After reviewing our security these guys knew what they wanted. They wernt interested in the bigger bikes at all. If you think you have seen something sus please dont directly intervene or buy a bike. Just notify the police asap.
  7. any excuse to hang out on street corners in Sydney :rolleyes:
  8. How do you think I noticed them last year?!
    Seriously though they were on Richmond Road close to the M7 last time; I was thinking "dodgy" then, but my concern was more along the lines of chinese construction and no warranty - I never thought they might be hot...
  9. Just in time for Xmas
  10. These bikes would have data dot ye?
  11. Any more news on this?
    Have spoken to a couple of er... less than couth people i know around here and told em if they get offered any cheap bikes to be careful and report whoever it is thats offered them to em. Doubt it will make any difference but theres always hope.
  12. Every Yamaha sold since the start of 1998 is sold with DNA Micro-Dots, so I'd guess yes, though I'm unsure if they're 'dotted-up' at the factory, or at the dealership just prior to sale...
  13. During the predelivery service my friend.
  14. I'm in the area, I'll keep an eye put.
  15. Old geelong road? It happened a few years ago when the bike sused to be parked out the front
  16. Yes, one bike was nicked as they went to get the chain to lock them up
  17. Cheeky buggers hope they get caught or crash
  18. Ah, just heard about this. I bought a bike from you earlier this year... good guys. Sucks to hear about the bad news. I hope you find the bastards...
  19. I live in Geelong, If I notice any dirt cheap newish kid's bikes, you're store and the police will be getting calls! Bloody bastards, if you're gonna steal a Yamaha, at least go for an R1 or something!
  20. chip key :p pw50 plain key.