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City West Yamaha, Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. ... well not as nuch as they should anyway.

    I was chasing some new tyres, I rang around and got varied answers. So I went into City West Yamaha and got a firm quote. The quote was almost $100 better than else where including fitting the new rubber to rims. I paid on the spot and walked out a happy man. I was even happier when they called me Saturday morning when the new rubber was in and offered to fit it right then, but I couldn't get down to the shop.

    I dropped the rims off Tuesday at 4pm - I told them to take their time I didn't need the bike for a few days. I got a call at 5:30 advising the new rubber had been fitted and they had inspected the bearings as requested. The front bearings needed to be replaced which they could do before close of business.

    Wednesday morning I went in to pick up the wheels and fix up the cost of replacing the bearings. I offered to pay the full cost of parts and time for the bearings being replaced, I paid much much less than I should have.

    During a recent ride my front guard turned to molten plastic, thus I needed to go to my local Honda shop, Advantage.

    Within a couple of minutes they had the right part numbers and prices. Their RRP price was a few dollars cheaper than other places. However without prompting they knocked more off the price, again I was happy. Turn around time for the parts were half a day, which is a very good service.

    What I should add to this is that both shops are local, thus I try to support them both by giving them priority with my purchases. However sometimes it's good just to get things to go your way for a change.
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  2. Yeah. When i bought my first bike gear (helmet, jacket, gloves all together from the same salesperson) they knocked about $50 more off the total price without me even asking. And this was after I had bargained and was prepared to pay the agreed value for the items. Free money in my pocket, score!
  3. exact same thing happened to me, he was haggling with me before i even mentioned price for the helmet and jacket.

    Really it is only going to benefit them if they look after the customers the customers will look after them
  4. It's great to hear positive stories for a change. Thanks for sharing.
  5. X 2. Cheers. :grin:
  6. Good one! Never hurts to walk into a shop, you may just be surprised at the service & prices you get locally! :wink:
  7. I can only imagine your luck was brought in on the wings of an angel especially for you...

    I am at a loss to explain your good fortune, I also try and support my local shops but they seem to go out of their way to make it increasingly difficult for me to do so.

    I keep trying tho , like you say support the locals.
  8. I had an extremely poor servicing experience at city west Yamaha recently. The $700 damage caused to my bike is something that I will now have to resolve through consumer affairs.