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City to Surf 2009 - are you running?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. It is on again in less than 3 weeks.

    I am looking at early 80s this year, and crossing my fingers for a sub 80 finish. Sadly the "alleged" training regime was belted due to a nasty flu so it may not happen.

    Highlights from previous years have been the hotpants and fishnet stocking girl who made heartbreak hill a piece of cake, and the body painted skins girls last year.

    Are you running this year?

    Have you been doing any special training for the event?

    What sort of time are you going for?

    What have been your highlights in previous years?
  2. Not going in the city to surf but going in the local event for me the sutho to surf. I've been having my doubts about having a good run though as I'm just getting over a good 3 week hit of the flu. So basically been training whilst coughing and spluttering and i do interval training aswell. I can't drill myself as much as I do in shorter sessions of interval running but I reckon if I could've trained it properly I could have been able to pull a descent time.
  3. i reckon i could run about 20 meters before needing ambulance attention
  4. Running this year for the first time. Haven't really been doing any special training, just a 5km run every 2 days for a few weeks.

    No idea what sort of time i'm looking for, just looking to finish and possibly make it into the next group for next year.
  5. I get puffed opening the mail :(.
  6. i'm hoping to beat 50 minutes this year

    to get out of bed, shower, make some brekky, then watch it on tv ;)
  7. i huff and puff from opening my eyes in the morning

    can i take my bike on the run?? i reckon i could break some records, like finish the race in 1 minute

  8. Will there be smoke stops this year ??
  9. I can't remember the last time that I did exercised.
    Though I will be taking up kick boxing through pcyc soon to get fit.
  10. lol good luck, very tough training, will feel like your going to die
  11. yeah, will be interesting.
  12. Last time I was in the CTS, I woke up in it, literally. This was in the early eighties, with some friends who had a small mobile home. We went from Wollongong to Sydney for a big weekend (did it most weekends), and we used the motorhome as a motel. Anyway, after a big night out at the Bondi Lifesaver, we drifted off and parked near the beach to get some much needed sleep. We were waken by a crowd noise outside and got up to investigate. As we stepped out of the van we nearly got hit by some of the front runners. So there we were, hair everywhere, wearing army pants torn off at the legs, thongs and no shirt, still rubbing our eyes and scratching our nuts, only to realise that the barriers that were put up while we were asleep, had barricaded us in. I remember getting a round of applause before the organisers pulled us off the track.

    Ahh yes. The good old days.
  13. Goodluck Roaster

    How will I pick you in the crowd on TV? :cool:

    I'd like to do something like that, but I'm a long distance walker - do about 10-12km in 1hr 30min or so, 3 times a wk.
    Not any good at running.

  14. Good luck with it Roukster. How far is it?

    I have done a 16 kay Run for the Kids before plus an unofficial half marathon with a training group, but I am debating whether to try for an official Half Marathon this year in Run Melbourne.

    My problem is I am built for speed, not distance!
  15. tankgirl if you are walking 12km in 90 mins you will not be too far off some of the joggers (ie me....)

    you'd smash it!

    I'll be the one in shorts and joggers. You can't miss me.

    VtrElmarco, C2S is 14km - if you can run 16km you can do this easy for sure!

    Green289 I reckon you will be sweet on that sort of training. The energy on the day will make you go longer - I guess it is the "competition" that makes one try harder (even though it is pretty chilled out)

    Not4Resale, sutho to surf is a great warm up event if you change your mind! good luck for that one - is it next weekend or this weekend?
  16. would be good to try a marathon one day, never even trained with anyone before.
    Started doing the 1000 Steps over the hill, in the Dandenongs. Far friggen out, sore thighs. :eek:

    so could ya wear ya helmet, Roaster & maybe give a little wave to the camera, so I know it's you :LOL:

    Date for run?
  17. I would but on the training runs the visor kept fogging up....
  18. So how did we all do? I was pretty stoked - got 76m35s for my "net" time (ie timing chip).

    I was a mess on monday though - I could hardly walk all day and I went to bed at 6.30pm. My knees are still a little tender, but muscles recovered well after a good sleep.

    Going to aim for sub 75 next year.

    Maybe we could get a netrider posse going - with an official netrider running singlet?