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City Sports Bike help please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ltflippy, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. hey i am looking at upgrading in the near future to a bigger bike. I am currently riding a Hyosung GT250R 2007 (yeah i know most peoples opinions on hyos ) i am looking at GSX-R750 2008 or newer, Daytona 675 and CBR600RR.
    In the end i will be using it for around the city and my occasional weekend rides. I have been told to test ride them and make my own opinion but unfortunately i am only 20 and people/dealers are not keen to let me test ride. So i need a bit of help.
    I mean compared to my hyo which is a heavy 250 v-twin what will these bikes be like. I hear that the Gxxr lacks low rev pull but will i notice that coming from a 250, and what are these like around town eg lane splitting and low rev riding as well as weekend riding like the dandenongs/great ocean road style rides.

  2. A sportsbike is never going to be the ideal city commuter machine, because it's designed for something different, so basically you'll be accepting the disadvantages 90% of the time for the advantages you get the 10% of the time when you're out riding on weekends. (Well, that and bragging rights and the feeling of owning something cool, of course!)

    That said, all three of those bikes are extremely competent, and will feel astonishingly quick, even down low, after your 250. The CBR is probably the smoothest all around, while the triple in the Daytona would (arguably) give you better lowdown pull around town.

    If you can't get a ride on them, I guess at least ask for a sit on them: they'll all have ample power so it will be partly about your body's 'fit' with the bike.

    None of them would be disappointing and if any of them came up at the right price it'd be worth your while, but probably the pick, for mine, would be the Daytona.
  3. (and in the light of my first para above, keep an open mind toward the Street Triple...)
  4. massive thread on it all here;


    Story short, I have a Daytona 675, I commute into the city every day, I take it out in the twisties and I do over nighters etc etc... it's a brilliant bike, I can't say enough about it, but right now three pricks at work are bugging me for something...
  5. i say keep looking until you find someone willing to let you test before you buy. don't buy a bike solely on opinions
  6. hmmm.......

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  7. What brownyyyyyyyy is neglecting to mention is that he only managed to break 4" tall after being tortured during the spanish inquisition.

  8. i don't understand why you would have any trouble getting a test ride at a dealer.. just sign the form saying you will pay $300,000,000 if you drop it and let them copy your licence and ..

  9. They have to allow you to test ride. Credit card details, licence and sign the scary form and away you go. So long as you have your full licence it's all good :)
  10. I'm commuting 120k's a day on a 09 zx6r. If you want to ride a sports bike ride one. Only you know what you want.
  11. hey thanks for all the responses i will go try for a test ride again.. now that i am fully licenced they may be more reseptive
  12. One word: Daytona
  13. Daytona is fine around town, biggest worry is constantly getting stuck behind cars. It doesn't like going slow. It's plenty narrow for splitting etc.

    Don't get one but. I like the fact that they're rare. At least they used to be. Saw a blue one parked at my uni and nearly cried cause mine wasn't the only one there anymore.