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City scoots bikers off path [SYD]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by matti-san, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. From the SMH today, worth a read.

    TIM MURRAY was sick of sitting in traffic jams, spending a fortune on petrol and feeling guilty about the environment. So, like hundreds of Sydneysiders, he decided to buy a scooter.

    For three years, he has parked in an area behind the footpath on Kent Street. Dozens of riders have joined him. There were no signs saying they couldn't park there, and no one had complained.

    But last week, without warning, City of Sydney rangers slapped a $77 fine on every bike in the area.

    More at http://www.smh.com.au/news/national...ff-the-footpath/2007/04/02/1175366158731.html
  2. I know the area, and anybody with half a brain knows that parking on the footpath is illegal. We now know 3 things about this guy...

    1. He's stupid.
    2. He's a whinger.
    3. He rides a scooter.
  3. Or
    1. He sees the laws as unreasonable & wants to make a point
    2. He saw a precedent and followed it & wants to make a point
    3. He rides a scooter.
  4. Well, 6 things then :grin:

    I still think he's daft. I've never got a warning before getting one in my car, I don't see why a motorcyclist should be any different, and definately not if they're parking illegally. Until the law (Which is stupid and illogical) changes, then he's both number one and two.
  5. Well, you now know the SCC is currently preparing a strategy document for bike and scooter parking.
    NOW is the time to get stuck in and start lobbying for footpath parking! Once the strategy is completed, it will be too late.
    If ever there was a time you've got a chance of swinging this issue, it is in this time of rampant traffic congestion and failing public transport. Go for it!
  6. That's the point of the article I think. So stop having a go at the guy and start having a go at the stupid parking restrictions that Sydney siders have to put up with. Sydney traffic is plain fcuked and if letting a few scooters and motorbikes park on unused footpaths is going to help then bring it on. What the hell do i care I left Sydney 10 years ago and it was a freaking nightmare then. :roll:
  7. Or
    1. Both of you have failed to notice that scooters aren't the only two- wheeled items you see on the footpath around there.
  8. I can see his point but he went about it in a stupid way. I wouldn't be surprised if he's just been busted, is having a big sook about it so decided to turn it into a political thing. If he was that concerned about the issue then there's of going about it, not just parking your scooter on the footpath.
  9. What do you mean, he got positive editorial space with a big picture! That is worth gold, if he could Alan Jones to back the cause you might have a chance of winning. That's if people could be bothered I suppose. :roll:
  10. +1
  11. I can't believe you guys aren't allow to park on footpaths. Well, I can, but it sucks!
    No parking on footpaths
    No lane splitting/filtering
    What's next - speed recommendation signs for corners on the twisties become speed limit signs?!

    They're the main bonuses of riding, as far as I'm concerned!
  12. If you all want to get a fair go for motorcyclists parking then I suggest voicing your opinion. Here is a golden opportunity to get your ideas printed up in the paper.

    Think your words through, construct your letter to the editor ... and hit the send button.


  13. :WStupid: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  14. I'll pay he got coverage, but it's hardly going to further the cause. I imagine a lot of non-riders would be saying suck sh!t for parking on the footpath.

    I dont like a lot of speed limits around my area, but I'm hardly going to protest by doing 20 over the limit (the speed at which I think it should be in this particular area), get a ticket and then go whinge to the papers. There's other avenues available.
  15. What other avenues, is anyone following them up?

    Whinge about a ticket, he has been parking there for 3 years if you read the story. We live in a media driven democracy and we have seen governments rise and fall on the swinging voters. Pollies do listen to the media.

    It's not about the fine FFS, it's about how do we get the message in the media. He has hit on a couple of key issues, we reduce congestion [this is a big issue in Sydney] and we help the environment [a big global issue]. If we can hijack these agendas we have a chance of changing something, just look at the way the uranium lobby has hijacked the greenhouse debate to their advantage.

    And while I am in a stirring mood, most non bikers don't hate us as a lot of people believe. Most non riders don't fcuking even care about us, they are not going to start jumping up and down because we got a spot to park bikes. Oh and a lot of the bike riders at my work in the Melb CBD are office workers not bikies. :soapbox: :soapbox: :soapbox:
  16. Well, I have always said: don't park on the footpath - it is illegal and just because the rangers left you alone today doesn't mean they will continue to do so. And there you are. Somebody is having a bad day, or falls under the quota, or somebody has an agenda of some sort - and bookings follow. You asked for it.

    Also, realistically there is no chance in hell we'll be allowed to freely park on footpaths, not ever. Won't happen, period. What is far more likely to happen is that somebody in Victorian government will wake up and remove your privileges.... replacing them with parking meters.
  17. That would cause the mother of all stinks down here, I guess we don't have as crowded footpaths as you guys do. At my work there would be easily 30 to 40 bikes parked everyday, th council has enough issues trying to find car spaces, we would just add to the problem.
  18. "But last week, without warning, City of Sydney rangers slapped a $77 fine on every bike in the area."

    "Sandra Fleischmann, a motorcycle rider, said she had never seen any signs nor had she had any trouble at the popular Kent Street spot."

    Why the payout on this guy? He wasn't alone in getting fined, he wasn't alone in not knowing that particular area qualified as footpath, and looking at the photo I can see why, he wasn't even alone in complaining about it. Seems the scooter rider just had bigger cojones than the rest and wasn't prepared to lie down and be a doormat.
  19. Yes logically you're right of course, but logic has nothing to do with this. Where you see solution to traffic congestion, they see lost revenue. Or at least, one day they will... mark my words. The stink? Oh, the number of bikes is still low enough that they can risk it.

    Which is why I'm always so much into pushing bikes as transport - they only way we won't be legislated out of existence is if we build up a critical mass at least comparable to that of cars.
    Strangely, pushbike riders seem to grasp this idea a bit better than bike riders. They organise better than we do, and they get better results.
  20. I read the article earlier in the day and posted it up on another forum encouraging people to write to the editor. So I saw this post and tried to encourage the same. *** comments removed by SteveFrost ***

    For everyone else:- in todays paper the council has decided to cancel all the fines that were issued to the riders. Lets hope the article is a positive step.