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City of Troy discovered in England

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Jaqhama, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Absoulutly nothing to do with bikes at all...

    Thought this might interest a few of you.
    I'm a bit of a legends buff meself. Always liked the Greek myths and fables.

    I found the website below a couple of years ago, went out and read the book (long winded, much better to read the summary on this site).
    The site has grown since then, and more and more people are coming to the conclusion that Iman Wilkens is right in all his ideas and theories.

    If any of you have read Homer's The lliad then you'll know that the description of the warriors and women, the warships and the local terrain, were always at odds with the places in Greece and Turkey that others claimed were the site of the city of Troy and the famous events that happened there.

    Wilken's ideas certainly do open up new possibilities.

  2. And was jerusalem also builded there? Among those dark, satanic mills?
  3. I thought the bible was a science fiction story mate?

    Adam and Eve, cloned in an artificial enviroment.

    Immaculate conception...artificial insemination.

    Three blokes following a bright star (UFO) into the desert.

    Jesus walking on water...anti grav unit, or the water was frozen over.
    Or he was standing on a sandbar.

    Rising from his grave after three days.
    See it on Star Trek all the time mate, called a transporter.

    I'll give you another scenario about Lucifer...
    Lucky see's what the big man is creating in the garden of eden.
    He's not happy about keeping the two new cloned beings in the dark as to
    their purpose, so he has a chat with them.
    Boss man sounds like a bit of a dictator to some of us.
    Lucifer's unhappy.
    Next thing ya know there's a revolution, an uprising, which Lucky loses.
    He and all his men are banished to some out of the way place called Hell.
    Or killed in the rebellion.
    History is written by the survivors and the side that wins the war.
    Who knows, maybe Lucifer was actually the unsung hero of the whole affair?
    If it ever happened of course.

    Before you say I have a vivid imagination and should write stories...
    I do. :LOL:

    But I think the Troy discovery cannot be easily dismissed.
    Man's obviously done a hell of a lot of research on it.
  4. this site intrigues me !


    Who says our 200+ years of european rule has given us an accurate account on who discovered our country first !!! Like the Dutch were landing on the west and northern coast of Aust. 100years before Cook. And the French and Russians were just a few days behind the First Fleet.

    If what your claiming is true Jaq.
    Had I been duped when I visited these ruins ?? :grin:

  5. ahh mate its been a while
    but still u post some of the best and funniest reading stuff
    do miss the shift works
    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. So Schliemann was wrong???

    Give me a break......

    If it hadn't been for his discovery of Mycenae people would still be thinking that the Homer's tales were pure myth. He proved that they at least had a factual locational basis.

    But England??? Why not America, or Australia, just as preposterous.....
  7. 8-[ :bolt:
  8. If it was Aliens they would have been able to do holograms too i bet...

    Your theories are great tho! ;)
  9. It would be really interesting if it were true. I think the whole period has been heavily romanticised but then what period hasn't?

    I'm undecided as to if it's true or not, however new theories should never be dismissed out of hand. How many times in the past have new "discoveries" been howled down at the time and than later proved to be true. :wink:
  10. I think someone's been reading a little too much Von Daniken and Velikovsky by the sounds of it...

    Jesus was real, Troy was a legend and all Eskimos died out in the great war with the Leprechauns of 1817.
  11. Yeah but how could the Eskimos stand against those bloody Leprechauns and their rapid-fire rainbows. :shock:
  12. btw, immaculate conception has nothing to do with virgin birth
  13. hey Pete, ease up on Velikovsky, he was spot on, the Egyptologists tried to silence him because he proved they had falsified hundreds of years of ancient history....

    In 1950 he correctly predicted the true state of the planet Venus, (hot, hydrocarbon atmosphere, etc,)against all other cosmologists and astronomers...

    von dunnycan was a convicted fraud, but a good marketer..
  14. When Schliemann first discovered the city he claimed was Troy how many people laughed and said he was wrong?
    There is no doubt he discovered a city.

    Perhaps the people who laugh at Wilkins now may also change their minds at a later date.
    Every great discovery has it's detractors.
    However in the lliad Homer describes the terrain where Troy stood with a great eye to detail, (especially the number of small rivers running into one large and emptying into the ocean)and so far only one place in the world has consistantly met the terrain details.
    And using the details in the lliad Wilkens discovered a place not far from the shore of the sea where a huge city once stood, and where a large scale battle took place.
    The place names around the area Wilkin's claims is Troy bear a remarkable resemblence to the names of rivers and places in the lliad.
    The warriors described by Homer are more akin to Norsemen that any Greek. The fighting galleys are completly different to ships the greeks used. And even the weather and flora described in the lliad do not match that found in the Med.

    I am not saying that Wilkins is correct...but only someone with a closed mind would fail to take into account just how many things he has discovered on the coast of England that are described perfectly well by Homer in his epic story.

    It's worth noting that almost nothing in Greece or Turkey resembles most of the details and events described in the lliad in regards to Troy and Trojans.

    To really understand Wilkins ideas it might be best to order his book thru your local library.
    I did. :grin:

    For a quick look at some of terrain and description details mentioned in the lliad link here:
  15. Jaq !

    I've been informed of the coordinates of the ancient pyramind and hieroglyphics on the central coast.

    S 33° 27.140 E 151° 18.188

    I'm going for a recon with the Forester and see if its possible to ride to this spot.

    It maybe a SL230 ride only ! :eek:
  16. And entirely unconnected to this, there is a long-standing rumour of a large, viking-like boat buried in the sand-hills just to the north of Wollongong's main beach.

    {The again, it could just be a surf boat that the boys abandoned after a drunken night at the surf club :LOL:}
  17. I also heard they found an Eygptian sailing boat buried in the sand on the coast of Perth or somewhere nearby in Western Oz some years ago.

    I believe that people were sailing and exploring different parts of the world long before most scholars have dated such records.

    The Vikings claimed they often got the timber for their longships from a country they called The Land of Tall Trees.
    They sometimes fought a race of savage red-skinned people.
    American Indians tell tales of their ancestors fighting with giants who had hair the color of corn and who came ashore from the bellies of serpents.
    Eric the Red claimed to have been to what we now call America before he settled on Greenland.

    Many Indians also claimed that they had seen and traded with white men before the Spanish and the British and the French arrived in the new world.
  18. I agree.

    The Bible records King Solomon as having stuff in his court that can only have come from India or beyond; he had a navy based in the Gulf of Aqaba, and who knows how far these intrepid sailors ventured?

  19. yeah, Gosford ! :LOL:
    And i'm going to prove it.

    Anyone keen on going on an expedition.
    It maybe dangerous, some Indiana Jones like attire must be worn. :rofl:

    Times like this I wish I had a TransAlp !
    I may not be able to touch the ground though. :eek:

    Might need to borrow Chrissie's SL230 !
  20. You are a funny man, Micky :grin: