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NSW City of Sydney timed parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by A boy named Sue, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I don't normally park in the city but will need to next week. I'll be there for probably 3 or 4 hrs with a chance to move my bike every hour or so (waiting for people). It'll be in the "city of sydney" zone.

    I've had a quick look on google maps and there is plenty of 2hr parking for cars with the normal bike spots in-between. So I can park right where I need to and move the bike a little after two hrs (the parking will then change to 4hrs due to the specifics of the time).

    How far do I need to move the bike to not confuse the parking inspector? Maybe the other side of the road is best? I'll take a photo to prove I've moved it, but it would be best to avoid any trouble.

  2. Parking in the city can be q bit of a nightmare. You can park your motorcycle in a metered spot for the duration of the sign's time for free. Parking between vehicles would normally mean that you are "sharing" a spot though. Rangers and parking inspectors may book you for this practice. In addition, be careful of where you are... Hospital St is under the control of the Botanic Gardens and doesn't all free motorcycle parking in metered spots.
  3. http://goo.gl/maps/Wh5nv

    A bit away from many parks but the good news is there don't seem to be bays marked.

  4. Froim what I've observed, you can effectively park in the metered parking zones all day without trouble. It's in the free parking zones that you get problems. Reason being that the metered zones you display a ticket, and can renew this every1/2/4 hours as necessary. Bikes do not need to pay and hence will automatically renew. My experience is that in the metered zones, the inspectors just look for a ticket and then move on - bikes don't need a ticket so they don't even bother. However, with the free zones, tyres are marked whether you be a car or a bike.
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  5. Do they not still mark your tyres & return to check ?

    It would be good as parking is getting too hard to find a proper motocycle parking spot.

    I know when i used to park in 4 hours spots in chatswood & move my car if you moved it but it was still in the same street you would still get booked.
  6. Given that a condition of parking in the metered parking zones is that you display your ticket, what would be the point? If they can't see it, you get fined. If they can, you dont. It's fairly simple.
  7. Talking about bikes here...... Cars must display the ticket, bikes do not, bikes have to abide by the posted time. I would have thought they would still mark bike tyres in this situation to catch them out.
  8. As I said, my experience is they don't bother. And anyway, if a car driver can just go and renew the ticket, why shouldn't a bike rider have the same privilege available?
  9. I've always been fine leaving the bike in timed areas all day in the city.
  10. Is that metered or non-metered zones Darkhorse? I've seen a wanna be cop writing a ticket for a bike in a non-metered zone up on Riley St.
  11. What I have always wondered is, if you (in a car or bike) park in a spot, leave, then return to the same spot as it happens to be free again the ranger might think you've overstayed your limit. But in actual fact you haven't, and you nor the ranger have no way of proving that.

    So unless a ranger stands and observes your car for the whole time you parked there, isn't it fair to say that they can't be sure you haven't done the above?
  12. Angle of the chalk mark on your tyre. The chances of it being the same direction are pretty slim. Plus if you return to your vehicle, see a chalk mark and return it to the same spot you're pretty dum. I usually just check for chalk marks and wipe them off rather than moving it. Also use park patrol. very good app.
  13. The chalk is drawn on the tread of the tyre. It would come off in a whole 20 metres.
  14. Just an update on this. Have tested it over the past week.

    I parked in ticketed 1 hr parking in the city. One day i got nothing & parked there all day. The next day my tyre was chalked with what looked like (11) i parked at 10.30am & assume they walked past at about 11am & mark it with the 11. I return at 2pm with no ticket & moved it into an actual bike parking spot.

    I also followed a ranger one day & watched him walked straight past a row of bikes parked in ticket 1 hr zone. So i guess its up to who is working that shift if you get chalked or not.
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  15. It seems sydney council is now targetting bikes for revenue.

    I park in a timed spot and check my bike for chalked tyres and move it if the inspector has been. Last friday I got a ticket 10 minutes after I checked my tyres and there was no chalk. So the parking inspector must've written down rego numbers and done a blitz on the entire street.

    The effect on bikers has been chilling - normally there are 20 bikes parked out front, today there are 2.
  16. You need to move the bike outside the area covered by the parking sign. So across the road or to the next parking zone.

    See Road Rule 205 :

    "a driver parks continuously on a length of road, or in an area, to which a permissive parking sign applies, from the time when the driver parks on the length of road, or in the area, until the driver, or another driver, moves the vehicle off the length of road, or out of the area, to which the permissive parking sign applies."
  17. hmm, I'd be fighting it. Honestly, anyone that signs up as a parking whore should just forfeit their life on the spot.