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City link own everything

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, May 12, 2005.

  1. do city link own the yarra or do the people of melbourne?
    I just saw on the news about the yacht that had trouble getting the mast under the bridge (which one? may be bolte the mast is to high , multi million dollar racing yacht ) on Channel 10 news .
    anyway water security turned up in the boat and said to the boat builder they had to contact the vic water police and (get ready for it ) CITY LINK
    they need a permit to go under there bridge !!!!!
    its not even there water and they are charging people to get in and out of melbourne on the yarra

    do boats have e tags ? :LOL:
  2. Me thinks it has something to do with it's their bridge it passes under and they would need to monitor it going under it.
  3. LOL.

    Although somewhat not shocked... i believe its something similar to the way a helicopter/news copter is meant to get permission from buildings if it wants to buzz (hover above a site for an extended period of time) to film.

    So the boat just needed permission to pass through that 1m below the bridge... or some such bollocks as that.
  4. A container shit can fit under the Bolte yet the yacht couldnt???

    That had to have been one muther of a yacht!!!!!!!
  5. The mast was the problem from what i can remeber its some extrodanary length , they had to bend it and tip the boat on its side to get it under , i didnt see the whole news story , but i did see enough and here the security (water) security tell them they had to speak to the water donut boys and city link for a permit to go under the bridge .

    it was some multi million dollars race yacht .
  6. If the mast hit the bottom of the bridge then I can understand the need for a permit and an engineer to be present at the time the "strike" happens.

    A carbon fibre mast might bring down a million tonne bridge you know :)
  7. I saw it on the news this arvo... they tied something onto the mast and tipped the boat over to one side to fit it under.

    not sure if they connected it to another boat, but there were guys hanging off everywhere :p
  8. it was skandia the race yacht its in the sun today page 3 or 5 i think
    anyway theres a photo and the mast is over the 26 metre regulations so thats why you need the permit it said in the paper
  9. The Bolte Bridge is a lot lower than the WGB and from memory large ships don't go past it anymore.

    Some large ships actually have to wait for low tide to be able to fit under the WGB and it's an interesting thing to be driving over the bridge and look over and see the top of a ship just below you head towards the bridge (makes you want to get off the bridge pretty quickly).
  10. yes that was part of the reason for the bolte bridge being so low. stop container ships coming any further up the yarra so the land could be developed into one big arse docklands thing