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City Link between Flemigtion Rd\Mt Alexander Rd and Moreland Rd - Outbound

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by restive99, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. CityLink is carrying out major roadworks outbound between Mt Alexander Road and Pascoe Vale Road. There are temporary lane markings and the emergency lane on the right hand side of the road is being used for traffic. There are storm water drains in that lane with metal grills on top that have wide enough gaps to trap the front wheel of the bike. Avoid riding in the right hand side lane, if you do have to, do not ride closer to the median concrete wall.

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  2. Right hand lanes marking are back on.
  3. Mount Alex Rd is now closed to traffic at the City LInk entrance for 2 weeks.

    Anyone who goes straight on from Flemington Rd must enter City Link.
  4. City Link is back to normal from Flemington Rd to Moreland Rd but has been reprofiled ready for resurfacing soon outbound from Moreland to Pascoe Vale Rd.

    Mount Alexander Rd is still closed, Flemington Rd is down to one lane outbound to City Link with a dodgy detour to actually enter the toll way and you cant get to Boundary Rd off City Link inbound at present all due to major tram line works.