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City Guys, Help A Country Guy Out?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VifferDude, May 3, 2010.

  1. I don't travel into the Sydney often. I was wondering if anyone could tell ne of any good parking spots near 250 Pitt St?. I've looked on Google Earth and noticed there's a Parking Station across the road, but why pay massive parking fees where I can park on a foot path in front of a building?

  2. You can't legally park on the footpath in NSW, much less on crowded Pitt Street.
  3. rta website has maps of all bike parking in sydney. someones also created one if you use google maps.
  4. Also parking is free for motorbikes in the city but you must abide by the time restrictions. Ie if you park in a 2 hour spot it won't cost you anything but you must be gone in two hours.

    Fun Ha!
  5. Good luck finding a vacant one however. ride around a few blocks there and one might come up. If not, look for a boom gate you can ride around.
  6. Here's the map of motorcycle parking

    In a pinch you could try parking on the footpath. But there's alot of parking inspectors and there is a good chance you'll cop a $90 fine.
  7. get there early. i ride into work, park on sussex st and by 7.45 they are full up.

    what time you got to be there? there are so many places to park if you get in early so it shouldn't be a problem....and its free
  8. not bad yourself :D
  9. Well that's one good thing about Melbourne.......
    We can park on footpaths so long as you don't block pedestrian. That rules out narrow footpaths but luckily we have ample wide paths through the city.

    Makes up a little for operation after operation the police seem to be creating.