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City Council Anthem - Every Day I'm Shovelling

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Sooo funny coz its true.............any council workers in da house?

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  2. I still don't understand how this made it on ACA
  3. I'm a council "WORKER"
  4. Yeah right!
    Everybody knows, nobody actually 'works' on the city council! :rofl:
  5. Get your dancing shoes and get your grove on..........................according to those guys council workers dont work :p. Damn, looks like a fun place, I want in :)
  6. Last week, while on a test drive, I saw 8 council workers on the side of the road.
    One holding the 'slow' sign. ( the speed of 'council workers' I presume)
    One leaning on a shovel.
    And six looking onto a hole!!!
    Location,,,Dandenong, where else!!

  7. and wheres the problem?
  8. Tough times are coming if you are working for the city


    Fun Ha
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  9. I know a few of the people in that video - saw it on Youtube's trending list (and then later the news...) and laughed my head off!
  10. bahahhahaha, shame about the chorus singing....

    Appreciated the dancing, some of those traffic control girls would be very distracting if they started doing all that.
  11. =D> Fun clip!
    Although I'll eat my hat if any of them are actual council workers.

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ain't that the truth in an office setting! Sheesh!