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City Commute

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ricomac, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Yo there fellow riders.

    Basically, had my bike about 2 months. Mainly driving on weekends. Thinking about starting to commute to work from North Shore Sydney to the CBD. About a 30min drive but heavy heavy traffic in the morning.

    Any advice for peak hour driving. Should you lane split. A guy lost his life on this commute last week so any advice on avoiding accidents would be good. Really want to take it on but am nervous.

    Then again, first day out on the bike I was sh*tting it!!!!!
  2. Treat every vehicle like it is out to get you and ride accordingly. ie Give em lots of space, and expect the unexpected.
  3. The golden rule of lane splitting - only do it if it's a no-brainer. If you're wondering whether you should split in any situation, whether you'll make it through before the green etc, don't do it.

    Otherwise, the bike will be a great way to get around. I love commuting. You're not going that fast, but you're going fasster than THOSE guys are.... heh heh
  4. With the amount of traffic coming into the city from the peninsula, I don't think you will have any choice other than lane split. Other option would be to go in via the Roseville or Gladesville bridges. Don't know if those runs would be any better in peak hour though. Good luck with it! :)
  5. I know the route you would take, (am at seaforth) and although I dont ride yet I see many bikers doing it everyday and it seems much quicker. Even if you only split occassionally you will get there quicker, especially down military road.
  6. just do it man !!

    I got my licence on friday, picked my bike up on a saturday, rode to work at North Sydney from the nth-west Syd the following monday ! :cool:

    yeah, lane split.
    I have a rule that I only lane split when the traffic is at a dead stop or an imminent red light is going to stop the traffic queue.

    Or make use of the transit lanes !

    Follow the line of Scooters man !
    I notice there is a lot of them making their way from the upper northshore to the CBD every morning ! :grin:
  7. im wih the rest of ya for the golden rule of lane splitting, only do it if you know your gonna make it, eg stopped traffic, youll be punching yourself if you have second thoughts about it and then end up swipeing a car
  8. rico !
    watch out for Ford Territorys !
    The side mirror line up with the VTR mirrors !!

    I was lane splitting in stationary traffic one morning and what stopped me was two Territorys next to each other ! :p
  9. Don't lanesplit until you are a better rider.

    Sydney morning peak hour traffic is intense.

    Takes some pratice, but it ain't too bad.

    You also learn on your morning trip, what the danger spots are.
  10. Rico and Tomess: You guys are coming along to the Homebush Brewery meet then yes?
    New riders are very welcome.

    The poster above me can't ride either. :LOL:
  11. Well that's certainly good advice to be giving to new riders.

    Please take note that Gixxer did say that's just his personal preference.

    As someone who has survived commuting for over 20 years and also a few years as a Sydney mobike courier (all accident free) I would recommend that new riders only lane split when the traffic has definetly stopped moving.
    And don't ride all the way to the front of the lights. Pull up behind the cars just back from the lights. That way you won't be caught out if the lights go green just as you ride between the two front cars. And it happens.

    The number one rule for most of motorcycling is...If you only THINK you can do it...then DON'T.
    Only do it when you KNOW 100% you can do it.

    Graveyards are full of people who "thought" they could do it.
  12. I've been back on a bike for less than a week, and commuting from Pyrmont to somewhere a bit south of the airport... my strategy for the first few weeks is absolutely no lane splitting, not speeding, and leaving big gaps while following the car in front AND at the lights.

    So far it's working really well. People aren't generally cutting in front of me, and when they do I just back off and leave more room, and I'm not feeling at all stressed when I get into work. It's not taking me any longer to do that than it was to drive in in a mate's cage, and he speeds a LOT. He'll be doing at least 100 along the ED (80 zone), and about 80-90 in the 60 zones. Typicially just leaving the big gaps and sticking to the speed limit has me on par with him for getting to work :)

    When I'm really, really comfortable with the route I might consider lane splitting at a couple of critical sets of lights, but that's about it.
  13. I have been commuting now for about 5 weeks, since i got my L's :shock:

    Never ridden a motorbike before so I drove in a couple of times and really took notice of how the traffic moved and what other bikers were doing.

    First ride thoughts posted elsewhere:

    Now I split a lot more past very slow cars but sometimes I ride in and dont split all. It all depends on how I feel at the time, it is very intuitive so if it doesn't feel right in the gut I don't do it.

    I now have the commute down to 1 hour 10 minutes. I normally work back a bit and miss the traffic going home so I get a clear run on the Monash Freeway.

    ONE BIG THING leave yourself heaps of extra time the first few weeks so you are not stressed about getting to work on time :grin:
  14. Be careful dude. I've just given up the commute form Hornsby to Alexandria and am back on the trains again.

    I'm sick of pushing and shoving and fighting all morning just to get to work.

    Definitely give it a go, just don't let the red haze penetrate too far into your psyche.

    As for splitting, listen to Loz, only do it if you KNOW you'll make it out alive. There are too many fooken idiots on Sydney roads these days who have absolutely no idea what they're doing. And it's only going to get worse...

    - Pete the jaded cynical pessimist ..
  15. And take your time!
  16. OK - filtering guidelines follow.
    These are probably the most sensible I've seen.

    BTW - it appears as if Tas & WA are going to reject the Australian Road Rule 151 re an explicit ban on filtering.

    What I've heard is that the Manager of DIER(Tas VicRoads equivalent) stated that he doesn't think there needs to be new laws - the existing ones are adequate - the DIER people also said WA were rejecting it but no reasons given yet...

  17. Hey guys

    Cool. Lots of useful info. The sense I am getting is to do the commute but take it easy. And maybe not filter for the first few times.

    Thanks heaps!!
  18. And Mickyb

    Thanks for the VTR mirror tips!!
  19. Well as soon as I get back from Japan, leaving for a month soon, I will be getting a bike and joining you on every occasion. I started life on this forum as a maybe, and now Im a definite, you guys have made it seem like the best thing. :D
  20. You dont need a bike to come to the Gathering Tomess.
    just rock up on foot, off a train, in a car what ever.

    No one cares if you dont come on a bike mate. :cool: