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City Bike park map?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gibbz, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Im looking at riding to work soon, and I wonder if there there are any maps of Adelaide with bike parks marked on them. I have a few scoped out but they look like they fill quickly....


  2. I’ve been looking for one too – and asked the question when I picked my bike up as well as when I did the ridersafe course. I was told by people I’d hope to be reliable (instructors, large dealership) that the council don’t apply parking fees to motorbikes when parked in the parking bays. Obviously this leaves your bike vulnerable to a cage knocking it over – and did not come from the council directly - so best to check before trying it out!

    Be very interested to see a map – even if one of the more experienced riders can sketch one up.

    I know there’s parking on Pirie St (towards Hutt St. and King William) and a few other places. I know there are not enough spaces in the centre of town though (IMHO) :( . Why can't Adelaide apply Melbourne logic of parking on the pavement where sensible (eg. not Grenfell Street) or put in a few more bike spaces. :?

    Cheers, Stig
  3. So it may be possible to park the bike in any carparking space without needing a ticket(and more importantly not getting a fine)?

    I might have to give the adelaide council a ring. If anyone knows how to get the right number can you let me know :)

    Edit: Maybe we can get a petition for more bike parks :)
  4. Gibbz - I'll sign your petition - and have used the councils "contact box" (oooh, kinky! :LOL: ) to email them with that very suggestion, as well as requesting a map of the current bike parking.

    Have a look at http://www.adelaidecitycouncil.com/scripts/nc.dll?ADCC:STANDARD::pc=PC_02_08 not that it has much on bike parking laws...

    Any SA cops/traffic wardens/council employees willing to offer any insight?

    Pirie St. park is always full when I walk past at 7:50am with the exception of school holidays. Another set of bays wouldn't go amiss. :roll:
  5. ok i filled in the little contact box, see if they respond. Otherwise ill try and ring em....
  6. I have a reply!

    A direct link to the Parking Alteration Request Form.

    I guess the best way to organise this would be to list which bike parks people would like to see extended?
  7. Pirie St and those around King William will fill up most quickly - shops and offices in that area = most pressure on spaces.

    I also had a nice reply from the council - they've put the motion forward for review (according to the reply) and also forwarded me a map which I am making a hash of attempting to attach to this post... although I don't think it's 100% accurate as there is parking off Pirie St. which is not marked on the map.

    In the reply - the response to my parking enquiry was: "Please see the attached map which displays motorcycle parking bays within Adelaide and North Adelaide. Your motorcycle is subject to the same rules as a car parked in a metered parking bay - however we understand that you are not able to display the ticket purchased from the ticket machine. In this instance please purchase a ticket as normal and keep it on your person - in the event that your motorcycle is fined for "No Ticket Displayed" you will need to present that ticket to us and we will be able to waive the fine.

    I have forwarded your email to our On Street Parking Department for response regarding the possibility of The Adelaide City Council bringing in more motorcycle parking bays."

    By the way - "big up" to Adelaide Council for the swift response, the map and the positive take on the query. In the UK I would have been told to "stick it". Excellent public service.

    The Stig
  8. Excellent!

    Did you fill in a request form?

    I noticed on the map they supplied there are alot of park on the east of the city, and not many everywhere else... Id love to see more around franklin St/kingwilliam st as I work on franklin st. And its almost impossible to park on the young St bike park, even arriving 30mins early doesnt help.
  9. I did put a request in for extra bike parking in the area bounded by King William – Pirie – Franklin – Waymouth St – maybe worth netriders in Adelaide getting their emails in to the council so it’s not just a few solitary requests but a torrent…
  10. Ill print out a few of these forms as I know a few people who will send some in :)