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City bike/daily rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Riley, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Ducati Monster 821

    9 vote(s)
  2. F800GS

    3 vote(s)
  3. WR250R

    0 vote(s)
  4. GSXS1000

    3 vote(s)
  5. Other- Please specify

    8 vote(s)
  1. So.

    Same old story. I’m looking for a new bike as my sport bike is destroying my already wrecked back, neck and wrists (for a 27 year old I’m falling apart at a rapid rate). I’ll be moving to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney soon, and commuting to my job in North Sydney so I think I’ll be going bike only for a while as traffic is miserable. My requirements are: fun, comfy to ride, stylish and ready to go straight from the dealer (no mods needed, i.e. suspension, tune etc). Cheaper purchase price & insurance, running costs are also factored into the cost to benefit ratio. I will need the bike to get to work, gym, home and site meetings for my job where I need to turn up presentable so storage is a highly rated commodity (happy to add soft or hard aftermarket panniers and top box). I’ll also be taking the bike for a scratch on the weekend, and I have recently been interested in adventure style riding and going off the beaten track to have an explore but that’s not a necessity.

    I am 5’10”, pretty built at 110kg in gear and been riding for about 2 years.

    I’ve ridden:
    MT-09- Great engine but no real connection
    XSR900- Not a fan. No front end feel, plus the looks didn’t really do anything for me
    MT-07 HO- Way too small, it felt like I was riding a pushbike with an engine
    Street Triple- Yeah, nice bike but no real connection
    Z1000- Too rev happy, need to wring it out to get real torque. Ugly as sin
    Ducati Monster 821- Come to daddy!

    I’m looking into:
    F800GS- Good storage, can do dirt roads and light adventuring etc. High seating position plus enough power)
    WR250R (with supermoto conversion, and yes this is kind of against my straight out of the box requirement, but I can handle a wrench for the swap over of the wheels etc... with maybe only a temper tantrum or two). Road wheels for weekdays, knobbies for a bit of a weekend blat. I can add soft kriega panniers for storage if needed.
    GSXS1000- Love my ‘zooks and this was comfy enough to sit on at the dealer, might be a bit of a waste of power for my requirements.. and can my licence handle this beast?

    I absolutely ADORED the Monster on the short test ride I had it for. The sound, the torque, the looks... oh sweet Jesus its beautiful. The high purchase price, higher running costs, insurance, servicing kind of turn me off it.

    The WR250R is pretty highly rated as a supermoto for the fun factor, plus the cheap purchase price, cheap insurance all kind of leads me towards this.

    Any experiences with these bikes, being in a similar situation to myself? Any help is appreciated.
  2. If you like the WR250 SM conversion take a look at the DR-Z400SM. The 400 might be a bit better for you over the 250. I'm about the same height but only around the 80kg mark and I commute on a DR650 and find it a pretty good commuter and have dreams of SM'ing it. But I reckon the DR-Z400SM would be just as good.
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  3. RileyRiley. If looking for comfort, less stress on your body and lots of storage , consider scooter, minimum 400 cc. I ride Burgman 650 and I have all of above + performance .
  4. 69SIM69SIM Ah yes, the ol' dizzer, should have mentioned that Ive been looking at those as well. Little bit ugly, and the carby thing is a bit lol at this day and age.
    LongKLongK while I appreciate the scooters for commuting as theyd be handy as hell, they arent on my list as I like to go for weekend rides, and to be honest, scooters are just not my thing.
  5. RileyRiley, yeah I know what you mean about their looks and old school motor hehehe
  6. RileyRiley. Have you test rode one? My scoot.. is perfect for touring.
  7. #7 chillibutton, Aug 17, 2016
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    Honda Grom ;)

    The 821 would be sweet, how do you think it would do commuting though?

    If some off road use required, the BMW is the only one here that handles that, have you considered some of the other adventure tourers such as Triumph Tigers, KLR650, V-Strom, KTM990, VFR Crossrunner etc?

    Or a long shot - brand new absolute steal at this price - awesome bikes with great character (biased opinion).

    2015 Aprilia Shiver Sport 750 ABS for sale
  8. BMW F800R deceptive little giant killer
    BMW F800GT - standard with luggage
    BMW S1000R definite licence killer lol
    Kawasaki Z800 under rated middleweight
    Kawasaki Z1000 Ninja - standard with luggage

    Adventure style - remember they'll be taller than standard bikes!
    BMW F700/800GS
    Kawasaki Versys 1000
    Triumph Tiger any of them, all bloody good
    Ducati Multistrada bit pricey but very nice
  9. chillibuttonchillibutton loubreloubre All good suggestions, the more I think about it the more a dual sport/ adventure bike makes sense. I'll have to take them all for a spin, but the BMW's are tickling my soft spot right now. Along with them the lil cheap fun WR250R with knobbies for the weekend/ dirt and road wheels for weekdays seems fun!

    Oh, and the 821 would be beautiful; for scything through Sydney traffic, with loads of grunt as well. The Mrs might get jealous as i'll spend more time riding the bike than her.
  10. Go for gold, don't settle for second best.

    You will ALWAYS arrive at work with a smile.
    You will ALWAYS want to ride to work, even in the rain.

  11. Is the bike honestly only for the daily grind?
    No other use-case? No blatting, touring or otherwise?

    Do you have covered parking?

    If: Yes, No, No.

    Get a DRZ400SM and be done with it.
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  12. :eek: You sure it was a Z1000!!

    I don't know how good an adventure tourer would be for commuting, most have quite wide bars, high centre of gravity and are usually quite heavy.

    Shiver is a good shout as well as KTM Duke 690.
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  13. I voted for the F800GS cause I have a F700GS lol

    I ride it everyday in Sydney and reckon it's great.
  14. since a Tuono isn't on your list I would suggest the monster - style, class, performance, sounds great, not too much crouch, great resale - awesome!
  15. The ducati monster would be my pick out of the lot if you can afford it, surprisingly well engineered and a fun bike to ride.
    Certainly a better buy then its larger dry clutch varieties. Insurance and servicing will be a premium.

    A GS500 would be my pick for a reliable, cheap commuter designed to get dirty and dropped. If you wanted a little more fun and are off restrictions then maybe a Bandit 750 or 1200 is worth a look, surprisingly well refined bike, nice upright posture and reasonably sedate to ride normally. Both bikes are good out of the factory however are quite moddable if you want luggage or dirt gear fitted to them.
  16. GeorgeOGeorgeO lawdy that is one pretty bike. Shame I need something reliable :p
    BitSarBitSar yeah ill have a secured car space at home, and a parking garage at work. DRZ's are pretty much a nah, as they just dont excite me.
    Wallace_GromitWallace_Gromit They just look so handy, still good to carve up the twisties on, then a quick blat on the dirt or into work.
    chilliman64chilliman64 The Tuono is a jizzmachine! One day it'll be in my garage.
    Nicholai_ChevNicholai_Chev The Monster is high up the short list. It just makes me want to ride somewhere distant, then sit and stare at it. Wonderful thing the 821.
  17. I think your all over the joint. A wr250 or a gsxs1000 ? Oh my head hurts.
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  18. dude just get the Duke
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  19. Monster 821 is my daily commute and it always puts a smile on my face. It can get very hot in stopped traffic during summer due to the pipe location but I would say that was the only downside. Service intervals are annual so that's not so bad (well at least until you hit the 24K desmo service). Very agile and confidence inspiring, and everyone knows you're coming - go for it !
  20. I'd recommend you look into some KTM Duke's, but then I'd be shot down for being biased. Both the 390 and 690 will shread the city commute. Maybe even look into a 690 SMC?