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Cirque Du Soleil, Varekai, Bloody awesome!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, May 4, 2007.

  1. I saw Varekai tonight... and man, I have to tell you that it was absolutely awesome.

    Production values were amazing, costumes were incredible and who ever crafted and designed the show, is one seriously messed up individual!! How the hell could a human mind dream up such a complex 3D show overlayed with 40-50? performers, costuming, music, and gravity defying circus performances!!

    The skills on these performers were simply unbelievable... Juggling while running, impossibly contorted human bodies, graceful aerial work, strength and agility like nothing else I've ever seen... and so many places to look... multiple focus points drawing the eye.

    I did a double take when I realised the music I was hearing was actually being played by real people... amazing.

    Slickness at the highest possible level on all fronts!

    The finale is the most exciting part, with the greatest risks being taken by the acrobatic performers... 5 minutes from the end though, one of the guys missed by "that" much and slipped on landing... he was landing a seriously high jump and was badly hurt... owwwwwwwwwwch!!!!! 700 hundred people were hushed in dread - the guy wasn't moving.

    The first aid team rocketed in to take control and moved him away... I sincerely hope he has a good prognosis...

    Anyway, if you get the chance, go, bloody go. It's worth every penny.



  2. Wow! There were a few discounted tickets at work & wouldve loved
    to have gone but the cost for the family was just too much. :cry:
  3. Nothing beats going to these shows - awesome displays of skill, strength, comedy and production.

    But ....

    A number of them are available on DVD, including Varekai. If you can't get to see them live, "do yourself a favour" and watch the DVD.

  4. :cry: I sooo wish i was there....

    I saw Saltimbanco and was left astonished...
  5. Everytime they're here I say I'll go but never get around to it. Thanks for the review Rob..I've heard nothing but good things about their performances...will see if I can get tix to take the girls.

    ps - I hope the performer's okay! :shock:
  6. I saw one of these years ago, for the life of me I can't remember which one though. They are fantastic.

    I would go to every single one if I had the money....instead I have to wait till they show them on TV :p

    Doesn't do them justice though. Amazing :)
  7. I saw it last year in Spetember (i think) in Sydney. It was absoulutley amazing what they can do with thier bodies, as in strength and agility.

    The only thing i found hard was to focus on one thing :grin: I kept looking into the background expecting one of the characters walking around to do something
  8. hehehe i do that just about every time too....

    do they have spare performers or what... like for the next show how do they replace the bits that that dude did????

    "that that dude did...." my tongue slipped trying to read my own words in my head. :roll:
  9. [​IMG]


    Don't tour Sydney then!

    See if I care!

    Probably just a bunch of poofs in leotards, prancing about trying to find some KY and a pink feather boa.
    If I want to see effeminate losers fly through the air in lycra, I'll go hit some cyclists on Oxford St!

    --[I saw Cirque Du Soleil years ago and it was amazing, I'm pretty disappointed they aren't touring up here. Would have scored mega points with the GF to take her to that :( you can click that pic up there to order tickets if you lucky bums in the south and west wanna go]--
  10. Mmmm. Carnies. Can't be trusted you know. Small Teeth. Smell like cabbage...
  11. Actually, it seems really weird they're not touring Sydney :?

    Ktulu, your Oxford Street comment would be hilarious if it wasn't so politically incorrect......... nah, who am I kidding :LOL: :p :grin:
  12. Saw there last couple of shows... they are prety mind bending.
    Bugger to hear that one of em missed a catch. that has got to hurt.
    I had a review from someone else who mentioned they had some slipps in the show, which I have never seen inprevios years.
    I hope they arn't letting there quality slip (Especially on those big acts that can hurt people)

    There is no other circus in the world that has the same polish.
  13. They were at Sydney Ktulu you just missed them :p
  14. I went last week, total hunni flesh fest!
    Ladies take a second pair :wink:
    These two twins do an aerial act that is visually stunning! At first you think there only one flying towards you & then they separate as their gracefully flying over head, not an inch of body fat on them, muscles rippling not to mention extremely talented!
    I wasn't going to buy the program, I thought $20 is a bit steep after the cost of the tickets. That was until the second act w all the aerial work, again it was amazing! Program sitting on the book shelf, so I can reminisce :wink:
  15. Hey, I resemble that remark! :grin: :LOL:
  16. AFAIK each performer has an understudy.

    I went and saw Quidam a couple of years ago and it was awesome.

    Everyone should see at least one show in their life i reckon.

    I too hope the guy is ok.
  17. The Mrs and I saw it last Sunday. We're huge fans and have seen all 4 shows they've put on here in AUS. I balk at the price of tickets for music performers, etc. but don't bat an eyelid at the Cirque tickets, as it's truly amazing. As other have said, go see them at least once.
  18. I prefer circus' with dancing bears, aging elephants and beaten lions!

    Those guys do do some amazing stuff, however. But they can't train monkeys to pick pockets like the old school circus' do.
  19. Seany Seany Seany, now... while you do have large forearms & (granted) I hvnt seen the rest of you & can safely say I hvnt seen a male specimen like that in a long time.
    It cld have been the whole fantasy/reality thing, it clda been coz they were wearin tight black 3/4 pants & s'thing that resembled a male harness/bustier... It clda been the twin thing & I'm sure it hard... I mean had a lot to do w the 1/2 naked amdrogenous men w rippling muscles thAng!

    To sum it up it was a "male burlesque" very hot & sassy!
  20. Thanks for the review Rob, was hoping to get to see it too :)