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Circumnavigate Australia Via Coastal Route?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Seamus, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Hello, :)

    Is it possible to ride around Australia via the Coastal roads? I would assume there are stretches of coastal road, but many points where the road ends or becomes inaccessible.

    I mean, on Sydney's Northern Beaches, you can ride as far north as Palm Beach, then you'd have to double back and cut across to the Pacific Highway via Monavale Road.

    So, I suppose the Pacific Highway would be part of the network of roads that become the road around Australia.

    Is there a map of a coastal - or almost coastal - route around Australia that can be accessed online? I suppose one of those big fold-out maps you get in a news agent or a book store may help.

    Just here looking for tips. :)

    Thank you,

    Seamus. :)
  2. sorry to do this to you.

    get a boat. if you want to see the coast all arround australia perhaps pilots licence(6-7000) and a plane

    in sydney i guess you could go up to palm, then double back and go along mcarrs creek rd, then back to turramurra then thru bobbin head rd, then up the old road to gosfords take the senic road to terrigal and up the coast to newy.. this is where i get lost and somebody else wil have to chip in.

    further up from newy, there is the lakes way, takes you up to places like forster tuncurry. not much in the way of fuel so fill up at bulladella? then forster.
  3. Dont know about northern states but In Vic and heading westward across to Nullabour and Perth,there are coastal roads aplenty but heaps of areas where the roads just dont go near the coast.They just dont exist.Plenty go to bays and inlets but they dont connect by following the shoreline to the next town.
    If there was such a beast that snaked all the way around Oz just following the coast,would take you months to get alll the way round,that trully would be "the long way round."And you would crave a straight line highway eventually like the Nullabour.