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Circling Melbourne through the hills

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by lotus7, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Well, the weather yesterday inspired me to get out and about. What started as a quick trip through the hills spiraled out of control as I found more and more interesting looking roads on the maps. The fun bit:


    Ive only shown the "interesting" bits, and I did make a few side trips where the roads looked interesting. There are some very very giggle worthy roads along that path, and mid week the traffic was almost non existent :grin:

    Saw some interesting behaviour from the 18 wheelers on the hume as I approached Wallan - looks like they have devised a method to beat the distance averaging speed cameras. Two trucks took it in turn to cover the each other on alternate cameras time and timem again. Hmm. More investigation required.

    The gixxer didnt miss a beat - my only complaint would be that the fuel tank is a bit small giving around 220km of travel. Not many BP/Mobil petrol stations in the first 1/2 of that route! I was riding with my earplugs for the first part of the day - but the thrill got the better of me. Earplugs out, second gear in the twisties... the song of the gixxer bouncing off the hills - glorious. The gears are so tall and the power so smooth that second covered 95% of the whole trip. Third gear only really required when your being a bit naughty on the big sweepers.

    Unfortunately most of the shops are closed, so didnt find anywhere that looked exciting to stop for a bite, just had a lonesome coffee at the King Lake bakery. Pretty average too :( Lots of pretty scenary out there, sun was shining and the roads where mostly quite dry. Really have to watch the speed as its very easy to get up to a silly pace in a matter of seconds. Tried a few more clutchless upshifts, each time resulting in a wheelie - oops. You have to watch this bike - it tries to convince you its a docile, well mannered and civilised creature when under the surface of that smooth linear power is a beast ready to pull your arms out of their sockets.

    Saw a red 675 trummpy at Yae and though of a few members here, but didnt recognise the rider - so hello if your here..

    All in all, a great day. Sore butt afterwards, the suzuki seat is not *that* comfortable ... maybe a future upgrade? Very happy I altered the clipon angle out - arms were not sore at all even after this reasonably long ride, previously they started to ache after only 100km.

    So, the next target is to find a route that does a full circle around melbourne (crossing on the ferry sorrento to queenscliffe) and sticking to "fun" roads. Should be a blast.
  2. Excellent stuff Andrew - was also out & about close by yesterday - but got held up with a semi overturning on Melba highway.
    Like the idea of the full circle 'round Melbourne - keep us posted on how many kms all up ...... might be a goer for an upcoming day trip :)
  3. I was doing the same thing yesterday... headed out to King Lake then onto the Black Spur. I was adventurous this time and got some footage from a tank cam style rig-up involving a Nokia 6280 and some well placed tape. :grin:

    Wish i was riding this weekend but having just come down with a cold i think i'm out of action for a week or so. :evil:
  4. Hey Andrew -

    Let me know next time you're getting into something like this, being a man of leisure for the moment I'd be keen to join you!

  5. Hmm, not so easy to find interesting roads out west to "complete the circle". Might have to go on some scouting missions. Im thinking of around 400km round trip (excluding commute to and from a start point..) - but can easily extend further by increasing the radius.

    Loz - tends to be a bit of a "spur of the moment" thing - ill try to get more organised :wink:
  6. Yes it is. Next time, turn right at Kinglake west, Flowerdale, Strath Creek, Broadford, Lancefield, Woodend, Trentham, Blackwood, Greendale, Ballan, the Brisbane ranges to Anakie. Complete the loop by heading to Queenscliff and taking the ferry over to Sorrento.
  7. Yeah, I had the bit from anakie up and east going ok, just not that much exciting around geelong and down the bellarine peninsula - mostly pretty straight roads from what ive seen...

    Pity the map planner doesnt allow extra way points - I might have to put a few together to make the circle of fun