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CIPFG and the "Human Rights Torch"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rs101, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. http://www.humanrightstorch.org and http://www.cipfg.org

    Was handed a pamphlet at uni a fortnight ago. There seems to be enough evidence coming out of china to prove most of these atrocities are happening, and it seems to be the great unspoken on the world stage.

    Apparently, this whole thing was thrown together in four months, still, this mob definitely could use a few lessons in publicity and organisation (at least on their web front), but they still seem to be worthy of support, whether or not you agree with the religion itself.

  2. Who cares about the shit China does when it is so profitable to not care :roll:.
  3. err, the people who are dying there probably care a bit, and perhaps even hope that we who live in a free country, might too :roll:.
  4. My point. There's somthing about the victim testemony of "They then put the electric baton in my mouth..." that just isn't quite kosher. Think a tazer to the face.
  5. rs101
    nope, according to those who stay at hom and watch telly all day [stump] there's been quite a bit of publicity. let's just go straight to the worst ive seen and that was the story that won the anual international journalists award [at least 05/06]

    the story was about how orthans [females only] were dropped off on the front step, put inside on a bed, and left there without food or water because it was a girl.

    the footage that won the award was a 4 year old chinese girl who was at deaths door, starving and dying of thirst. her eyes were the only part of her that had water. they let her die, it was the plan and the way china does business, and if u think that's bad, you should wait till you find out how they treat their animals!

    china is the part of the world that has the least amount of empathy if any at all

    they're fcut!!! i hate them and i think they're nothing but black haired monkeys

    the japanese are smart, they care about their pedestrians, make motorcycles etc, the chinese just put a chicken in a basket and to hell with any 'bird flu' risk or the suffering of the chicken

    if you're speaking of the pamphlet i think you're talking about, it came out 6 months ago and has the words

    "is un-olympic" on it. ie 'inhumanity is unolympic'

    my fift grade teacher [who was over 60 and ditsy] always referred to them as 'asians' and never 'japanesse, chinese, cantanese etc]. i dont think she know the difference

    but anywho, there was a very fat, dumb chinese kid in our 5th grade class and the teacher said

    'ive never known and asian to be stupid! there is no such thing as a stupid asian!!!'

    well, IMO, 'asians' are either FAT or SLIM ASS! 'asians are either smart or DUMB AS'

    how bloody strange is it that this ^^ seems to be the case? i havent been shown a middle ground within my life experience.

    cheers :cool:
  6. Maybe I should have laid on the sarcasm a bit thicker in my post to make it clearer.
  7. Agree with the main points you said stump, except the whole 5th grade teacher thing, Went to a school for about 4 years in the box hill area, after all... (Predominantly Asian migrants, and first generation aussies)
  8. so rs101, are you saying that you know of the medium build, medium intellect asian?

    are you sure this asian isnt 1/2 jap?

    im not as influence or knowlegable as you when it comes to asians so if such a thing does exist please let the superficial stump know
  9. Sorry, a bit too fast on the draw :oops:.
  10. I'm a medium built medium intellect Chinese.

    Am I a freak?
  11. Quite possibly.... one in a billion :p
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