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Ciggy socket for the boot of your bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by LiLEd, May 15, 2007.

  1. Ciggy socket for the boot of your bike. Any one done it? i made one up today gonna try it out when i get a chance? notice is has 14.40volts will this affect any car chargers? I know why its there but its higher than a car. Alternator output is about 13.3

    I figured it wouldnt because i measured the one in the car and that at 13.3volts and works fine with everything. Post picks guys. How neat have u made one if u have made one.

  2. Too easy, just make sure you fuse it :)
  3. heheh sure did. Ive blown a few things up before and learnt. hehehe
  4. Stookies got one i know, and I'm planning on putting one into mine, what amp fuses are normally used for lighter sockets?
  5. Yep, put one under the seat of the VFR, handy for phones, GPS, etc
  6. Yah we put one under the seat of the ZRX1200R, very handy.

    I've been meaning to do the same for the Bandit 1200 but haven't gotten around to it yet...

    As people have said make sure you fuse the lead, and don't put the fuse right near the socket because if the positive lead wears through before then it will short out and the fuse will do nothing.

    Put the fuse as close to the battery (or the positive line where you jack in to get power) as possible.

    If you are running electronic gear from it and not just lights and chargers then I'd strongly suggest fusing both the positive and negative lines and running directly to the battery.

    Use waterproof fuse holders (they are available with blade fitting or standard fuse fittings) from boat shops and some car accessory places.

    Try also to use a marine style ciggy connector (or a BMW style one) as the standard cheap in line car type corrode after a couple of years if you ride in the rain reguarly (or live close to the sea).
  7. Mr Kawasakisan was kind enough to inlcude an additional fuse and slot in my fuse box that's powered up but without any connections, and it's designated: Accessories. :)

    I haven't put the ciggy socket in, but am running heated grips and gps from it. The ciggy socket is coming though.

    I think it was a 10A fuse.


  8. Mr Kawasakisan was even more obliging on my bike, I have an Accesory fues, plus TWO 12v power take off points, one under the fairing, and one under the seat. And I have a cigarette lighter socket under the seat which I installed...I could run a house! :LOL:
    Kawasakis rock!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Get your exhausts flaming and stick the ciggy next to it :grin: :grin:
  10. Stookie and I both have them (VFR800 and 900SS). Just make sure you try not to charge for too long with bike off or you'll have bike off for longer than planned :wink: :oops:
  11. I just had this brain wave aswell and thought an outlet on my bike would be a great idea.

    Lucky for me I have an across so I can fit it inside my boot, nice and out of the way from the weather :D

    Has anyone else put one on an across??

    Cheers, Pok
  12. I have a question:

    I bought a new basic 12v power socket to install on my bike but unsure how the wiring will attach to the socket at the back. Any help would be great. Do i need a special plug for my wiring to attach to the lug at the back or just a female bullet style connector?

    Cheers, Pok


  13. Female bullet crimp of the correct size should work.
  14. (Almost) same wif da Tiggly - all I have to do is walk into the bikeshop, buy the accessory power kit ($30), fish out the connector already in the bike's wiring loom and I'm done.

    Though frankly at that pricepoint (both of the bike, and the socket) it should come with the accessory port already installed. :p

  15. Tip of any cigarette lighter plug is ALWAYS positive, so wpre the centre plug to positive, and teh shell to ground.
    Normal bullet or spade connectors will work fine on that socket.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Buy a K1200R, they come standard :grin:
  17. All sorted now and I have installed an outlet in the "boot" of my across. Thanks for the help folks.

    Cheers, Pok
  18. For anyone doing this I'd recommend a socket from a marine chandler like Whitworths, they are stainless steel/plastic and less likely to have corrosion problems.