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ciggie butts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dog3oy, May 10, 2005.

  1. Warning to all smokers in cages:
    I was lane splitting slowly of to the lights on Victoria road this morning when a lit butt flew past the front of my helmet.

    My first reaction was to break

    The second was to scream "fcuk" into the window of the offending car.

    I don't think that little girl will be smoking again soon, might be changing her skirt, but wont be a tosser for awhile.

    I also think she snapped the handel on the window winder...

    nothing better that a big ugly guy in black screaming "fcuk"to put you off your morning lung stuffer :)

  2. :applause: :applause: :applause: But at least it didn't go down the top of your one piece leathers as happend to one of my mates years ago.....hhhmmm the stench of burning chest hair :LOL: :p :LOL:
  3. Register with the EPA as a litter reporter. www.epa.vic.gov.au

    Then as they toss their butts(ciggy) out of the window you take the details and report them online. They get a $100 on the spot fine and they can choose to fight it.

    Works a treat, some fat arsed executive failed to give way to a young lady and almost caused a collision, when he spotted me shaking my head at him he was furious, he event went as far as to toss a tissue out of the window at me.......thank you, come again. That bit of rage cost him $100. :)
  4. [/The second was to scream "f@*%" into the window of the offending car]

    brrrriliant !!!! :applause: :applause:

    i'm wipping the tears from my eyes.
  5. I registered last year and reported a few so far - even had 1 person contest it, although when I told the EPA that I would go to court to testify, they accepted the fine.
  6. I have reported quite a few so far, I have been registered for a couple of years now. Have not had one contest yet.
  7. That happened to me last night.. stinking butt flying out of the window from the car in front, it was heading straight for me :eek: .

    I was amazed that I instinctively produced a wonderfully executed "countersteering emergency avoidance response" as taught on the P plate and advanced courses :D :D

    Then it was horn blasting, light flashing, mad gesticulating action!

    Your right, big uggly blokes wearing black who are obviously annoyed tend to get positive responses :LOL:

  8. I don't think NSW has the facility to dob in a litterer. If someone knows then pass it on.

    But i found screaming helps :) (helped me anyway)
  9. You just need to look a little harder. Try changing the .vic to .nsw:

  10. Um, like derrrrrrr !! (but thanks anyway)

    i was looking for the same format as the Vic site.

    can you imagine how painful it would be to call that number (less than a butt in the helmet) and lodger a complaint :)
  11. Got a nice one to add,
    My last boss did this apparently,
    And after working for him for 2 years I bet he really did.
    Stopped at a set of lights in Newcastle,
    Feels something hit his left leg,
    Looks down to see a still burning Cigar on the road near his foot,
    Nice burn mark on near new leather RJ's pants,
    Put down side stand,
    Pick up cigar off road,
    Knock on the now rolled up window of Mercedes where the offending cigar came from,
    window rolls down half way,
    Rider asks driver "Is this your cigar"
    Driver "Maybe"
    Rider throws offending cigar into car onto back seat,
    Gets back on bike and takes off at the green light.
    Justice, yes.
  12. as bad as littering is, dobbing people in is no better.

    very un-australian to lag someone in without even facing them and hiding behind a system that lets you register as a dobber.
  13. DuHAST,

    I actually agree with you. Well done for having the courage to say that. Well done.
  14. couldn't agree with you more. I'd get much more satisfaction by confronting them. There's also nothing to stop me reporting somebody who cuts me off or something like that, the system could easily get abused.
  15. Well I don't agree. Littering is despicable, IMO, and people who chuck ciggies out car windows are the worst offenders.

    I don't appreciate swimming in the trash you chuck out your window, and no one appreciates the bushfires you start. You get what's coming to you.

    Knowing how bad road rage is these days, confronting someone while on a motorcycle is not my idea of defensive riding. You're just as likely to get some motherf***** run you over.
  16. yeah, i have to agree with DuHast on this.

    how prone is the "system" to abuse? just say you hate a workmate, who smokes and dob him in just for a laugh? i take it even the guilty deny it?!
  17. I hate littering and I fully support people being fined for doing so (cigarettes in particular, I grew up in bushfire country) However, I see no easy way for said fining process to work.

    I am concerned that a system exists whereby people can be fined without due process. Sure the accused can contest it in court but the burden of proof is on the defendant and the costs are likely to be awarded against them. If the 'dobber' had a grudge against somebody they could make false reports with impunity. The poor schmuck reported against is left in a situation where their best financial advice is to pay the fine rather than face increased costs in court because the presumption of innocence has been discarded.

    I think litterers should be fined, I just dont think that this is the way to go about it. And no, I dont have a better idea.
  18. hmmm that is true, but it's also un-australian to litter when you have an ash tray 4cm's from your left hand. 'keep australia beautiful' :)

    contesting the matter while they're driving beside you at 70kph is a bit difficult, and it would probably just be put down as road rage :?

    i think people deserve to be fined for littering more than going 4kph over the speed limit. as for false-reporting if the person you report contests the issue and you're found to be making false claims the penaly listed on the web-site is huuuuuuge (100k+ max)
  19. However, the defendant has to then successfully mount their own prosecution case. How on earth would you go about collecting the evidence anyway? The accuser can have a fine initiated without evidence but the defendant must then somehow prove that they did not litter by providing evidence to support their case. What kind of evidence could you provide in this case anyway, a police surveillance video of your car at the time of the offence conclusively proving that you didnt drop a cigarette butt from the window. The reporting process is legally uncontestable.
  20. In late 2002 I was accused of throwing a butt out the window of a car.

    Received the letter in the mail and completely ignored it. Nothing has happened since. And, no, I DID NOT throw a butt out the window.