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Cigarette Smoking Bike Riders??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lectre, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Ex-smoker

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  1. I'm a smoker, but I intend to give up sometime in the next few months (when the weather warms up)... When I told my mother she was very happy, but said to me "So you go get your motorcycle license, but now you want to give up cigarettes? Don't you think that's a contradiction (IE giving up something mildly dangerous while you've just taken up something very dangerous?)"
    My only reply was "We were all born dying mum"... LOL

    So I thought I'd conduct a poll to see how many NR people smoke :)
  2. Just quit (and I mean stopped smoking ;) ) this as of today. So far so good. :grin:
  3. I wouldn't consider riding to be more dangerous than smoking. Sure if you ride there's always a risk that you might get injured, but there's ways you can reduce that risk. Only way to prevent cigarettes from causing harm is not to smoke them in the first place (or quit before they do too much damage). Of course statistically speaking eating fatty food is probably the most dangerous thing you can do :).
  4. I quit smoking in December last year, wasn't much fun but am better off without doing it.
  5. My last cigarette was November last year... trying to quit for the umpteenth time... this is the longest I've gone without ciggy's (excluding the 20 years before I started smoking)

    It's hard to just kick it like that...*snaps fingers* you need to always be quitting... if you know what I mean.
  6. impressive .... good luck.

    i'm also a relatively recent ex-smoker, of sorts. i only had one or two a day, more on weekends, but i did it for years and would hang out for those one or two so ultimately figured it was easier to stop than keep torturing myself. Allan Carr's "Easy way to give up smoking" book helped.
  7. smoking sucks, nobody wants to smoke.
    it isnt easy to give up (on the whole) and those that just quit by STOPPING are few and far between.

    i quit for 'ears the had ONE at the pub one night then BANG, the chronic naggin came back.....

    i am better without it, but right now i dont have the strength of character to stop it.
  8. The other day I went for a ride...while smoking a cigar.
  9. I can't help much except to vote in the poll. I've never tried to smoke, so I can't help anyone who wants to give up with anything other than advice.

    But if you're not going to quit for your health, just sit down one day and calculate how much you SPEND in a month on the nails..... a service, a new tyre, etc etc???
  10. Then work out how much booze you could buy with that money instead :LOL:.
  11. Oh great, thanks jd, that's a real positive contribution to my 'high moral ground' post :LOL:
  12. No one like's a quiter :LOL:
  13. I gave up about 4-5 years ago. However had a slight relapse recently when I had one.
  14. Went cold turkey about 7 years ago come October 12th. Nicotene is out of your system within the first week or two, but the 'habit' or addiction will last a lot longer than that. You can't let your guard down. I walk around with a pack of toothpicks and some worry beads for the first 12 months or so. The toothpicks were to occupy the mouth and the worry beads occupied the hands and fingers. Hardest part has been while drinking and socialising, playing cards etc, but I have come this far without and will persist. But I agree, you have to always be quitting and stay vigilant....

    Cheers All....
  15. When I quit for 7 months last year, I put the money I would have spent each week on smokes into a jar. The money saved paid for my trip to Port Douglas.....

    I smoke now...I'll quit again when I'm ready
  16. never smoked....or even tried to

    i know a few people who have quit though...... and they all bought new cars a year or so later.
  17. I enjoy smoking; it relaxes me at work, after a good ride, enjoying a few ales with friends. Yeah it might kill me, but so can plenty of other things

    My choice and more importantly MY money :roll:
  18. I'm an ex-smoker too, I actually enjoyed some aspects around my smoking i.e. with a coffee, after certain activities etc hehehe and if others want to smoke, I never have a problem with it - their life and health.
  19. I smoke, but I don't drink. With 3 teenage boys if I didn't smoke I reckon I would be an alcamaholic :LOL: