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Cigarette butts out windows

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jd, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. No, in fact it should be lower

  2. Current fine seems reasonable

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  3. Should be higher and include demerit points

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  4. Don't care, let them chuck butts wherever they want

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  1. Took this one out of the local paper:
    Butt destroys car
    Saturday, 28 January 2006

    AN ELDERLY Ballarat woman had a lucky escape after her car was set alight by a cigarette that was flicked through its window.

    Beryl Breen, 74, was driving on Wednesday about 5.30pm when she saw something that she thought was a leaf fly in the driver's side window.

    She turned around to see smoke billowing from the back seat of her car.

    Ms Breen managed to pull the car over in Sturt St near Little Bridge St, where a man came to her aid and helped her out of the vehicle as flames were licking the back of her seat.

    "I turned around and pitch black smoke was billowing up," she said.

    "A young man almost picked me up and carried me out of the car.

    "I just had to watch it burn. I was worried that it would explode and damage all of the other cars and shop windows."

    The flames reached metres in the air before three fire trucks from Ballarat and Wendouree extinguished the fire after 30 minutes.

    Ms Breen said she believed someone in a car passing her had flicked a cigarette out their window and the wind had carried it into her car.

    "I don't think it was thrown into my car on purpose, but the wind just carried it in through the window.'"

    Ms Breen's beloved 23-year-old Ford Laser was destroyed in the blaze and she has been left with no mode of transport.

    "That car was such a darling and it never gave me any trouble," she said.

    "I don't know what I'll do now, because I'm waiting on a hip replacement and I can't walk far."

    Ballarat Police Sergeant Mark Armstrong said people who threw burning cigarette butts on the street faced harsh penalties.

    "The fine for littering is $105, and the fine for depositing burning litter is $210," Sgt Armstrong said.

    "It's not tolerated any time of year, but it's particularly serious this time of year, given the fires around the state," he said.

    Why do people still insist on chucking cigarette butts out of car windows, especially during times of high fire risk.
  2. because it takes to much effort to stick it in the provided ashtray in their car, and then empty said ashtray after they fill it.

    its the same for people that ash out their window, to lazy to use the provided ash tray.

    id hate to get hit with a faceful of cigarette ash on a bike :shock: :|
  3. Yeah I've seen drivers do that - I've also seen the damage to the paintwork and window seals that comes as a result of doing that. And if a stray but can do that to a car, wonder what one could to if it found it's way down a riders jacket :shock: .
  4. Thats story will be on the news 2night. Just saw it on a news break..

    Poor lady..

    The fines now are pathetic.. Should be increased dramatically bc its
    these acts that have started bush fires as well.

    I admit Ive done the same many a time in the past.. I at least make
    sure its out B4 disgarding it, which I know does not make it right :roll:

    I dont use the ashtray provided bc it stinks the car out.

    My saving grace is that now I ride daily I'm not guilty of that continuing
    irresponsible behaviour :p
  5. Wouldnt happen if you wear a jacket its supposed 2B worn :p :grin:
  6. Remember my thread a few weeks ago about my experiences with smokers?
    throwing butts out of the window sucks and is dangerous.... specially in high fire danger!!
  7. How so? I could easily see a butt flying down a collar, getting lodged between helmet and jacket, up an air vent in a jacket, etc, etc.
  8. I have to say,even ashing a smoke out of the window annoys the F*%k out of me. Nothing worse than riding along and suddenly not being able to see cause you got some s*&t in your eyes. Look ahead, and sure enough, some selfish driver having a smoke with the window down, lazily ashing out of the window.

    I make a point of pointing the error in their ways out to everyone that does it when I catch them at the lights.

    I suspect there'll be much sooking if they get a ticket though... :)
  9. I know a bloke who rides a hrdley that copped one lodged between his cheek and helmet.

    The offending vehicle has no glass left in it. It made him a little angry.
  10. 1. ouch....cigarette butts burn badly, considering its only smoldering tobacco, not alight flame.

    2. good on him
  11. God bless those fellows! :LOL: For all our bitching about them, I can't help but have a certain regard: they live a certain comedia de vita. And I'm sure, if one had been there yesterday when that road-rager was after me, I might have told a different story! :)
  12. Mate that's a strange thing to say. ANY smoking in a car makes it absolutely MING.
  13. Didn't someone recently suggest carrying some butts with you to throw BACK into cars that throw them out? I've often wished I could do THAT!
  14. I think that was jd :grin: , I've been thinking about that too. Imagine how funny it would be to flick one back in through the window :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Must just be the jacket u wear.

    Thats not possible with the jackets I wear. Woukd only be possible if I
    grabbed a butt & shoved it down :LOL:
  16. Open visor, then straight down the collar.
    With most kevlar jackets that is very possible.
  17. Lot of non-smokers here, it really isn't hard to use an ashtray in a car is it, but one of my cars doesn't have one so it means a smoke-free ride.
  18. I almost set fire to my own car back when I smoked.

    I was driving down plenty road doing 80ks and was fiddling with the tuner on my am radio, but the cigarette was in the way, so I placed it between my lips and went to fiddle with the radio again.
    Suddenly the cigarette dropped onto the seat, between my nuts, and oh shit I couldn't see it.
    While simultaneously trying to slow down and pull over, and keep both eyes on my highly flammable seat and nuts, and time just seemed to slooow right down. I couldn't locate it before i pulled over, so when I pulled over I just opened the door and got out.
    Checked my seat first, just a small hole the size of a 20 cent coin. My nuts were ok too.

  19. bet you wouldnt give your left nut to have it happen again :LOL:
  20. I was once driving my sister (who suffers bipolar/scitsophenia) who was drugged up to the max and hallucinating regardless in my old Torana (God I loved that car) to an orchard to pick cherries for the day. Heading alon a rather remote road, smelling smoke and seeing flame I said to her "how's that ciggerette going (insert name here)? she said "fcuk! that's right, I'm smoking!" As she said it i poured my days supply of clean drinking water onto the flames that were liking her feet. :LOL: :LOL:

    Back on topic, people who throw thier butts ou the window (comming from a regular smoker) are the scum of the earth and deserve the puch in the head they get as we split past them at the lights. The have no respect for motorcyclist or convertible drivers (my first car was a Moke so I stick up for them too). Most importantly they have no respect for the environment they live in, the beaches we swim/surf in or the firefighters that take time of work to risk their lives fighting the fires these ****s start.

    Take note (Yes I'm serious Port80) these bstards deserve a kick in the head. At the very least report the fcuk wits to the EPA.