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Ciao belli!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Lowly Worm, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone! :)

    I am Manni, Italian newbie rider that moved to Australia about 2 and a half years ago (absolutely loving it!!). I work for a construction company (mainly involved in the mining sector) and int eh enxt few days I am finally going to get my first bike here in Australia! Woohoo!

    In Italy I had a few Ducati's... (naaah, just joking. I wish!)

    My first bike was an Aprila 125cc, then I got (always bought them used!) a Ninja 650 (Er-6f) (such a good daily commuter!) and a Z750 (I stayed true to Kawasaki).

    Here in Australia in those years I tried to contain the urge of getting a motorbike renting one every now and then, until recently when a mate of mine bought an R6...the idea of owning a bike started running through my veins once again!
    Truth is that until a few months ago I was always worried that because of my job (I have to follow projects around Australia. So I am never home for more than a few months (when I am lucky!)) owning a motorbike would have been a waste. Then I started thinking about it and...since in less than a month time I am going to be on project that will keep me there at least until December (no way to come back here in Brisbane I mean) I thought that I could get a bike and ride it up there (Mackay area) to enjoy some good rides around the area, when I am on my day off.

    Anyways, let's keep it on track.
    I have tried some other bikes in my life, Yamaha R6, MT-07 (such a beauty!) and CBR600RR...
    And that's where everything started!

    I've got to say that I like sport/touring bikes (best time was with my Ninja 650, love that little twin engine!) and I enjoy the idea of doing short/long trips around Australia. I am not a guy that likes to push it too hard. I like turns, I like leaning (I am a real newbie at it!) and I am not a big fan of speed. I mean, acceleration is a thing, but speed....I don't really see the point to be honest. Anyways, that's my humble opinion...

    What I love of riding a motorcycle is the real sense of freedom that gives you. The feeling of leaning over on a turn it's just so hard to explain. I absolutely love it!

    I had a few crash in my life (not big ones fortunately!) and because I am not in my 20's anymore, I am always aware of the dangers of riding a motorcycle. You know, it might not be your fault, you might be skilled as you want, but if some shit happens, you're still going down!

    Last few lines.
    I am here on this forum to see if there's a good community of riders here in Queensland/Australia that helps/supports with my (sometimes silly) technical queries (I am an absolute crap when it comes to mechanical stuff but I really would love to understand more about bikes getting my hands dirty!).
    I am also here cause I would like to find some good ride buddies that just enjoy to get together and ride, without going beyond the line of safety and common sense. In Italy I was used to go riding every Sunday with my friends, but some were really insane!! With big crashes and injuries too...

    One last thing.
    I haven't got my own bike yet. Tomorrow could be the day though. Pretty excited! Fingers crossed I am going to get a CBR600RR. I know, probably what you're thinking now is: "What?! Manni, that doesn't make sense at all! After all you said!"
    Hehe yeah, I know and I partially agree with you but you know, sometimes...in life...not everything has to make sense right?
    Truth is that for me a CBR600RR is a good bike to ride. Not too hard to handle. Good power delivery. Sharp like a razor. And not rough. (at least, that's what I feel!) I am sure I am going to have a good time with her.

    Talk to you later guys.


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  2. G'day Manni, plenty of NR members in Qld, enjoy your CBR
  3. Welcome Lowly WormLowly Worm aka Manni, great introduction, sit back and enjoy ;)
  4. gday Lowly WormLowly Worm and welcome to NR - congrats on rejoining the motorcycling community! ride the machine you want Manni and don't worry about trying to please or explain it to others.
  5. Welcome. Plenty of mountain twisties up FNQ way.
  6. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Being Italian , do you perhaps like coffee?
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  7. Ciao Manni.

    Welcome to NR..

    Awesome introduction there...
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  8. Welcome :cool:
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. Welcome Lowly WormLowly Worm
    Good luck with your new baby. Once bitten you'll never go back!

    There's a few Qld people on the forum and I'm sure they'll pop up & say g'day.
    Have fun!!
  11. Welcome Manni.

    I can't imagine a CBR being too much fun.................
  12. Warm welcome to Netrider, manni!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome guys (much needed in those chilly days!)

    Just a quick update.
    I DID IT!!
    That little 2011 CBR600RR tricolor that I tested it today...is now mine!
    Absolutely spot on bike. No crashes, no drops, partial service history, less than 10k kms on and very well maintained (always garaged). No dramas with suspensions, brakes and clutch. Really neat.
    I mean, obviously only time will tell if it has been a good deal but so far...soooo good.
    The bike is still at the dealer (they are going to fit Oggy Knobs for the price) but in a few days I will finally ride it home. Can't wait to take it for a ride!

    I still need to get my head around the forum but it seems that there's plenty of cool stuff to do.
    I read that someone was mentioning some sort of lessons/gatherings for newbies. That's a great idea!

    Anyways, I will start browsing those pages now.

    Catch you around guys!

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  14. Gday manni and welcome! Im from brissy and also new here and from what i see theres plenty of welcoming, helpful people. I can't help you too much mechanically speaking as im working it out as i go myself :) However, im always happy to take my ninja out for a squirt if you ever want to catch up
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  15. Welcome to Netrider!

    As someone also infected with CBR fever I can imagine you'll have a blast! And that sound!
    Catch you 'round the forum :)