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Ciao a tutti!! (Hello to everyone!)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dainese la volpe, May 17, 2006.

  1. Hi there!
    I'm Alex, and I'm form Italy!
    First thing: I'm sorry for my bad english but is just a week that I'm here in Australia.
    I've left everything and I decide to come and live here by my self.
    My big passion are all my motobikes, I really love them all, the only thing is that I've left my babes in Italy and that makes me really sad.
    I was doing challenge were I lived but than I had a big accident and for a wile I can't run! (even if I'm a girl I was riding with man)

    Well I hope to find lots of people to share this passion, for now the only thing that I can do here is talk, one day maybe I will buy one here..

    See ya!
  2. Hello,

    Welcome to the forums :)

    Hope to see you at a coffee night and on some rides... dont worry about your english, as long as you dont try and learn english from us :LOL:
  3. hey welcome to the forums and OZ... enjoy...
  4. I hope too meet you some were...

    I'm in QLD near Brisbane were are you from?
  5. Hi and welcome. Have you left all your bikes in Italy? Got one over here yet?
  6. I can't take my moto here... I don't have the many and also to buy one here I need money... like I told you is just one week that I'm here.. I have to find work, than maybe....
  7. Ciao bella. comé stai?

    welcome to the forums :)
  8. :shock: were tuo learn that?!?!?!?!?
    Bene grazie!

  9. Shame shame shame [-X She says she is female, the first thing you guys do is hit on her, and impress her with you extensive Italian. Tsk Tsk...

    So when you coming to Adelaide? I will take you for a ride :rofl:

    But really, welcome to the Netrider family and to Australia as well... Hopefully you can get a job so you can get a bike here too. :)
  10. LOL....scuola :)
  11. In Austalian "G'day cobber owyagoin?"

    In Italian "Ciao amico come siete?"

    Welcome to the forum and Australia.
  12. How I have to do, to put the avatar?

    Maybe I can take you, for a ride...!! HEHEeEh!! if yuo trusth a girl driving..GHgghGh!! :angel:
  13. ahhhh Ciao Bella

    welcome to Australia.
    I love Italy very much, but Australia is even better hahahaha.

    My favourite place in Italy is Lake Como. Its so beautiful up there.

    Which part of Italy are you from?

    I am sure you will love it here. Hopefully one day you can get a bike here and then look all around this great country.

  14. Ermmm...I'm also female...so I'm not hitting on her :p
  15. scuola??? they teach italian here???

    I can't even reed what you wrote in australian...
    how you pronance something like that?!?!?!
  16. Benvenuto a Netrider
    Fa come fossi a casa tua.

    I think thats right :?

    Are you looking at buying a bike in Australia?
    How long are you here for???
  17. Ummmm okay... You can do that... :grin: I have no dramas with a woman in control. :LOL:

    Oh and the avatar, you goto profile, and then down the bottom, it has a section for you to browse for a picture on your computer then you upload it... And bada-bing there is your avatar.
  18. I live near florence.. 50 km from there un in the mountain..
    I prefere there than Como!

    Wy you all so good in italian.. wow I'm amaized (i don't now if I've wrote well)
    All of you know italian better than my english...

    I'm going to stay one year and than I dont know.. maybe I can stay more, o mabye I'm going to NZ.
    Yeah I'm looking for moto but I dont have mooney
  19. Benvenuto in Australia e benvenuto alla tribuna.

  20. Welcome to our friendly forum, dear lady. Enjoy your stay here, and in our fabulous country :grin: