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'Chuttering' Bandit 1200

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bravus, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Kinda hard to explain - the sound in the title is an attempt.

    The Bandit is still running well - only had a major service less than 2000 km ago. Oil is still good, air box should be clean.

    On a 'touring throttle' - just between accelerating and trailing, just cruising along, the engine just sounds a little rough. Sort of a sound as though it's only running on 3, but quieter, and it's not losing that much power.

    I tried running a tank of 98 through it in case it was a dirty plug or whatever, but no joy.

    Any ideas? Tuning? Carb sync?

    Been looking for an excuse to dyno it - does this sound like something a tune would fix, or something else?

    Obviously tough to diagnose from this kind of info, but wondered whether someone has experience.
  2. A carb balance probably wouldn't do any harm if it hasn't been done recently. Conventional wisdom says that it wouldn't affect anything above idle speed, but all the four pots I've had have run noticeably sweeter under most circumstances after having it done.

    Did all the plug caps get put back on firmly after the service? With many types it's easy for them not to go fully home, which can cause an intermittent misfire.
  3. Floats may be stuck in carbs,what about plugs were they done as well.