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Chum Creek Road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Jafu, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. From All Moto Cafe at Healesville

    Attention Riders: There have been recent road works on Chum Creek Road. There is minimal signage to warn road users of the change of surface, please take it easy at it easy or avoid the area.
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  2. I rode that on Wednesday, there were a few gravelly patches, they were a different grey colour to the rest of the road, I saw the signs and slowed down.
  3. Was being resurfaced just over an hour ago when i was on it, yes at 8pm on a Thursday night o_O Was well signposted though, started just past the second hairpin when heading up the hill. Dunno how far it went, i did a u'y at the traffic control
  4. Good to know - was going to have a blatt over the long weekend.....think I'll go elsewhere.

    Many thanks
  5. yeah i went up it today...the resurfacing goes all the way up to the pub!
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    usual vicroads covering of gravel. maybe give it a miss for a week. they've done the top of the kinglake rd too. a bit of gravel but it feels good.

    no lane marking on Chum Creek either so the numpties cut the corners more than usual.
  7. :applause:

    I love the smell of new things... Can't wait to pay those resurfaced corners a visit!
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    We rode up there today , felt like the bike was running over marbles !!!

    Fine gravel everywhere ... I not happy :(
  9. Yeah I was going to do a run down but decided not to and just came back down Myers Creek road.
  10. Still some fine gravel at the top half of Chum Creek. Not to bad but just keep it in mind.
  11. There are still enough gravel patches to make it tricky in a few of the corners and you can't really run hard in the top part. Need a decent storm to clean it off.
  12. Went down Chum Creek yesterday (just as a pillion). There was one gravel patch at the top end that couldn't be avoided going through. After that, it was fun, fun fun :D
  13. I was sliding around going up. There was still bits of gravel today and I didn't push it.
  14. I've found the same thing recently. One or two bits of gravel at the top coming down, (otherwise quite good) but a distinct loss of grip going up through the same section. I dunno WTF is going on through there, but there seems to be a big difference in the grip from one side of the road to the other.

    Probably also a good idea for everyone to write to the council and tell them that the way their workers have resurfaced the table drains the last few years is dangerous: leaving clay all over the road. Plus they need to fix a crappy bump on the corner right where the electric "slow down" sign is. At least two bikes and a car (separate incidents) have crashed there since the bump has developed, and if it's left as it is, it will turn into a pothole before the end of the winter.
  15. Still patches of gravel on to top (after the double left hander, with the carpark on the right) of Chum Creek.

    With addition of a tree bark and large amounts of dirt on the corner with all the red clay/sand on the side. As of (8/6/2014)
  16. Does it feel generally skatey to you? I'm trying to get an idea of whether the road has deteriorated over the last couple of years, or if it's just my suspension tune being shyte.
  17. The bottom 3/4 surface is still just as good as I remember (Compared to middle of last year. Been riding for only a year so can't remember anything a out the road before then.

    The top 1/4 seems to be getting worse rapidly ever since they resurfaced it.

    If it was really loose gravel from the repairs, would think it will be gone by now.
  18. Thanks mate. Yeah, it sounds like it isn't only my suspension. Although on EJ on 1 May I had the same thing going on when I was sure there wasn't any gravelly crap, so I think I have some re-valving to do...
  19. Have you eliminated tyres? (going off, ambient temperature. etc.)
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  20. Mostly the gravel is between the wheel tracks so it doesn't get disturbed and just sits there. Stuffs up corner lines completely.
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