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Chum creek road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by Captn Spock, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. On Sunday I did the usual run which involves chum creek road.

    People who frequent this road know there is a left hand corner going downhill that ALWAYS has some loose gravel. On Sunday gone, that gravel patch was significantly larger. As I know the road well, I was slower before the corner approaches and managed fine.

    The bonus for me came at the bottom of chum creek road once I was down hill. In the last twisty section one of the 45 km/h marked corners, had a 1 metre long, road wide patch of gravel :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    The corner in question is a flip flop S corner at the bottom of chum creek.

    The ninja went wishy washy over it (thank you Pilot Power) and I was fine but boy it could have taken me out. I saw it from a bit far and slowed down. Had i gone through it at my normal speed and lean angle I'd be down and out.

    Please watch out. :)

    Safe riding
  2. we hit it going up. wheeeeeeeeeee
    was going to post but thought it would have gone by the time we got home
    lot of gravel around from the storms but most has gaps from the car wheel tracks
  3. Thanks mate. I love to do the round on that one, up Chum Creek, down Myers Creek. Will watch out next time.
  4. I also saw this patch and was going to post it but forgot - so thanks for putting this up.

  5. I want to know what a flip flop corner is???
    Or am I getting old...8-[
  6. I think it's sorta a quick S bend .. ( or something similar )
    flip the bars left through first bend and then flip right through the second
    (or the other way round if said bend is the opposite )
    done right .. it's kinda fun :D :twisted:
  7. Rode Chum creek today and many of the corners not as clean as you'd like them to be..
    Not really bad but enough to warrant a tad more care..
  8. I carry a short broom in the car, (from the Huffy Slider Championships 2 weeks ago).
    2 corners before that normal gravelly bit (going downhill) there was a heap of dirt and stones from the rains. I cleaned most of it up on Sunday when I went through doing the rounds in the car. I could just see someone coming off there and couldn't live with myself if someone did. Not my job I know but farck me,,it's dangerous!
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  9. That's a kind thing to do mate. Above and beyond the call... :)
  10. I have some friends who live on this road, their gravel driveways are now all over it after todays rains according to what they've told me. Be careful if you're up there tomorrow.
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  11. I was going to post that it was all pretty clean on Saturday bt after the rain yesterday I am not surprised to hear it's now totally changed.
  12. Just come back from a Chum Creek Rd run and its pretty clean now apart from a few sticks . Cant say the same for Myers Creek Rd its shit house, gravel at every downhill drive way and inches deep in places as well as a smattering of loose stuff on many corners . Take extra care there for a while .
  13. Confirm that. Was up there yesterday (Myers Creek) and it's a mess. A lot of loose stuff in the braking zones (like it's come off a trailer or something) and deep drifts where driveways meet the road. Chum Creek was pretty clean.