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chu, bu and fu

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by jackarau, May 4, 2005.

  1. Chu, Bu and Fu were three Chinese who emigrated to the big apple, America!
    Once there, they "once in Rome, do as the Romans do"
    Chu, changed his name to Chuck,
    Bu, changed his name to Buck,
    Fu, ....returned to China

  2. Which reminds me of some engineering student at Melbourne Uni who thought it'd be funny to legally change name for his graduation, just so he could hear the MC say, "Long Fatt Kok".

    Problem is, he changed it back afterwards and asked the uni to re-issue one with his real name, but uni said they couldn't, tough luck.

    Try explaining that one to employers.

    aka Chengaleng
    aka Ching Chong Cheng
    aka The Bandito Biatch.
  3. He would've gotten on well with my friend "Kreem of Sum Yung Gi"
  4. Well, I went to uni with a guy called Sun Tan. Real name too, not just made up.

  5. I know an asisn bloke as an acquaintance at work.
    Over the phone he told me his name was Jelly Tang.
    I thought being an asian he couldn't say Jerry so I kept calling him Jerry Tang.
    Anyway one day I met him in person, he gave me his business card and on the card it said Jelly Tang.
    True story, I kid you not.
  6. If wako jako was chineese his name would be...

    "Pokem Yung"
  7. Ha Ha Ha :D
    Everyone in my office enjoyed this as well :LOL:
  8. God, I could drown the server with true stories re: Asian people taking on Westernised names! Did he adopt 'Jelly', or is it his original name?

    The first time I met Loz's dad, our exchange sounded like a sword fight.
    Loz: "Dad, this is Cheng."
    Dad: "Chang?"
    Loz: "Cheng."
    Dad: "Chung?"
    Nous: "Cheng."
    Dad: "Ching?"
    Nous and Loz: Cheng!
    But he's got it right now. Just took patience ;)

    Then there're the students who adopt western names to make the transition easier. But MAN they take on some interesting ones. One Hong Kong guy in our IT tutorial called himself Rajah (Malay for 'King') and another... for some reason... 'Zero'. Must've been a Beetle Bailey fan.

    Or the tragic story of a friend named 'Ser Mann' who got bullied with 'Semen' at school so much that when he met anyone non-Asian, he introduced himself as 'Simon', and still does it. It's survival, avoids trouble, but a shame IMHO. It's not his fault that some high school kids were ethnocentric bullies.

    The last time someone tried to pull "Haha, you're Ching Chong Cheng!" on me, I told them, "Y'know, in my culture, your name means 'Dickhead'." complete with sweet smile. Something like that.
  9. Was his brother 'Phaic'? :D

    Another friend was 'Swee Ming'. And he was swimming captain.
  10. Its not limited to asian names either...

    I went to school with a Sunny Day (yes, he was asian), I work with a Wayne King, and I know a Krystal Clear.

    Really gotta wonder what the parents were thinking.
  11. Yep, I went to school with a Richard Head and of course that got shortened...:LOL:
  12. I used to work with a Russel Prout. You can just imagine a Chef named liked that, everybody in the kitchen called him Brussel Sprout!!

  13. My once doctor's name was Doctor Hector Proctor!
    Try saying THAT 3 times fast!!
  14. Saw an Asian Muso in a pub one night, doing elvis, (cheap joint)
    and his name was sunny tan, wonder if it is the same bloke?
  15. I have a arab mate who smells of piss, his name is....

    wait for it................

    Mustafa leek

    A drunk arab: Hamed

    Drunk and stoned arab: Mo'hamed

    An Arab that lives between two building: Ali

    A very attractive Arab: Asif

    Skip with a shovel in his head: Doug

    Skip without a shovel in his head: Dougless

    Skip with 100 rabbits up his bum: Warren

    Skip rolling around in a pile of dry leaves: Russell

    Skip nailed to the wall: Art

    ***End Political incorrectness***
  17. I know most people will not believe it, because I did not at first, but there is a person who works in the same building as me called

    Bang On Phat.

    Seriously, wouldn't you change your name by deed poll????? :?
  18. My god! that would be worse than being called "two dogs fcuking"
  19. If Eddie Maguire was a chink would his name be...

    Chin Tu Phat
  20. Aw, c'mon, in his native tongue it probably means Mighty Warrior Who Rules The Land. Or not.....