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Chronicles of Riddick

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Can I suggest that the swear-filters on the forum be turned off? They are inconsistent in that they catch 'd1ck' but let 'shit' fly right by, and they are a pain in the ar5e because so many common words have 'd1ck' included in them... like when I wanted to recommend Bruce D1ck1nson's music or discuss the movie in the title (which was meant to be 'Chronicles of Ridd1ck'). People are generally pretty good about their language use, and can be challenged to chage.

    Failing a complete turn-off of the filters, editing them to exempt 'd1ck' would be a step in the right direction: I mean, it's not as though this community even finds that a particularly offensive term...
  2. Especially since shit, balls, arse, turd, prick, clacker, wang, meatflaps, bollocks, tockley, spoonter, spadger and smoo are all acceptable!

  3. hahaha loz :LOL: :LOL:
  4. About a year ago I tried to post the fact you could buy cheap duct tape at a natioanl electronics store and the swearing nazi kicked in.

    The name of the store was Dick Smith Electronics which I then had to edit as D1ck Smith so my post made sense, not that any of my posts ever make sense :LOL:
  5. Maybe we should put an 'earmuffs' filter option on?? That way people can swear to their hearts content and if people dont want to see it, they just switch 'earmuffs' on in their profile!
  6. fcuk off the pair of you :p
  7. That's a good idea, GS5hundy... I don't know about the feasability of integrating it, but if it could be done that'd rule.

    On another note - I think these forums are for the most part, fairly self-regulating as far as language goes.
    Most people here interested in motorbikes are plenty old enough to have their license, and mature enough to stay alive on a bike and get their point across without excessive swearing.

    That said, we bikers are also passionate people and enjoy expressing ourselves: particularly after a 'f***ing good run through the twisties!' or after 'some ****bag nearly killed' us.

    If people want to swear, they will find a way.
    Anyone determined to disrupt forums that significantly anyway, will find plenty of other ways than writing 4-letter words.
    Easy as to write them in an image, get it hosted and post it in tags.

    May as well remove it IMO.
  8. Seriously, with all the work the lads are doing simply trying to stop the server from shitting itself every 5 minutes... Do you think they can be stuffed implementing a "rude words = yes or no" system?
  9. So I went to [img:45:21:dca6a02df0]http://au.geocities.com/penderghast/tony.gif[/img:dca6a02df0] smith the other day...

    Hey!! it works... :cool:
  10. I'm with Loz; I think Vic is more concerned with swearing AT the server than with people swearing ON the server.....
  11. True: I certainly didn't mean for them to build anything new or go to any hassle at all. But the sweary filter is basically just a very simple yes/no checkbox in the admin options for these bulletin boards, so it's literally a 30 second job to switch them off, if that. The challenges are policy ones, not time/resources/work ones.
  12. Chronicles of Rid[img:45:21:d1b9d9eefe]http://au.geocities.com/penderghast/tony.gif[/img:d1b9d9eefe] ;)

    Yep, works well: if the goal is to emphasise said words!
  13. I could do it in the same font and properly aligned if you really want me to... :grin:

    Personally I like the emphasis... :wink:
  14. Well I think the filter should be tightened, not loosened! How come people get away with using offensive words like "Harley" and "Davidson", and Ethanol, and "Open Face", and "Peter", and "Stevens"?...the list of approved offensiveness is endless. I know that my peace of mind and fragile psyche have been irreparably damaged by my year on Netrider. Go on Vic, tighten it up and limit us to only words that appear on those birthday cards with fairies on the front, you know it makes sense.
  15. And if I have to read another post about how cool old skool cafe racers were :blah: :twisted: Vic please add "in my time" to banned words/phrases!
  16. How's this??

    [img:27:11:7e732ad053]http://au.geocities.com/penderghast/tony2.gif[/img:7e732ad053] and jane went for a walk one day...


  17. You may have a point there.....hmm maybe we should just ban words altogether and communicate only in smilies?......(just the happy ones of course)...on maybe filter post by date?, yeah by date, we could ban discussion of anything that took place before say, um...what year were you born?
  18. Maybe they could fix it so that when you login, you do it with "earmuffs on" or earmuffs on. That ought to please everyone.
  19. oops, I meant earmuffs off (with or without filter) I'm sure you all know what I mean.
  20. christ loz. u are single-handedly responsible for doubling my vocabulary in the specialised subject of "the crude, rude and utterly revolting" in the last 12 months. now i have to go look up half the above sentence!!