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chrome's Kangaroo Valley Turnaround - 11/12/2010

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. The ride is ON like DONKEY KONG.

    Go here for the latest information

    What: I'm organising a ride for an excursion through some of the best twisties south of Sydney.

    Usually, these kinds of rides end up going through the Nasho, Mount Keira, Macquarie Pass, through the pass that leads to KV, then loop down to the Princes Highway to head back up to the city. Usually, this means that once we're on the highway, the group just splits up and everyone goes home from there - on mostly boring, cage infested roads and highways in the middle of the day.

    This ride will take us from Loftus, all the way down to Kangaroo Valley through those same great twisties where we will have lunch, turn around, and do it all again in reverse order!

    When: Saturday, 11th of December, 2010.

    It can take about 7 hours to do that route without significant stops, but I will have us stopping regularly for a few minutes each time to regroup and recover, so it will probably be closer to 8 or 9 hours, with a 45m stop in KV for lunch. I estimate that we'll be back in South Sydney by no later than 5pm. I will ride this exact route before the day and get some more exact timings and update this post.

    Where: Meeting from 7:30 at Loftus Oval Carpark - the car park just before the turn for the Royal National Park, departing at 7:50am sharp. (So we can just breeze through the entrance).

    The route is as follows, with approximate departure times from each milestone.

    7:50am Loftus Oval Carpark(start)
    8:50am Bald Hill (regroup)
    9:25:am Picton Road (regroup)
    10:10am Dapto Mobil (fuel, regroup)
    10:55am Robertson Pie Shop (regroup only)

    Lunch - arrive in Kangaroo Valley around 11:30am

    1:00pm Kangaroo Valley (depart)
    1:40pm Robertson Pie Shop (regroup)
    2:25pm Dapto Mobil (fuel)
    3:00pm Picton Road (regroup)
    3:45pm Bald Hill (optional regroup and finish)
    4:30pm Sylvania Maccas (optional regroup and finish)

    Note: The times above are approximate only. If we reach the point early, and everyone that was at the previous point catches up before the leave time, we might end up leaving a few minutes early from that point. So, if you're meeting us after Loftus, make sure you're there a bit earlier. Bring some water so you don't dehydrate while waiting :)

    Main fuel opportunity is Dapto, but there is also fuel available in KV (albeit expensive fuel) if you feel you need a top up at that point. Make sure you are fully fuelled before meeting up with the group, as we will not be able to turn around and get fuel at Loftus. There are plenty of fuel stations coming from any direction to starting point, so you just need to get it done a little early.

    We'll head out of KV by no later than 1pm (hopefully earlier) and retrace our steps back to Loftus. Those who want to peel off home at any point after that can do so, just let the TEC or me know.

    I'm deliberately trying to avoid the Freeway as much as possible. There are sections where it is unavoidable. Most of the roads are 90km/h or lower, with only a few sections above that, so if you're a learner wanting to stretch your legs, or you're on your Ps, you'll find most of this route will be good. There are a lot of tight corners so you absolutely need to make sure you go around at your own pace, and not overcook things trying to follow someone else.

    The surface for most of the route is pretty good, except for some dodgy bits between Dapto and Mac Pass, and some bits after Robertson on the way to KV.

    Route condition report is here
    Weather Forecast will be here

    Hornet (dapto)
    mav+1 (+1 more tentative)
    dan chee
    Finn (+ pillion)
    noob + 3
    Simon Lockington


    Standard NR rules for group rides. If this is your first time on a group ride, or through twisties, then you should read it carefully.


    - Changed the meeting point to Loftus as thats better than the Sylvania Maccas. Anyone who wants a snack before we start just needs to grab something on the way ;)
    - Added an extra regroup point between Bald Hill and Dapto just before the Mt Keira turnoff.
  2. Stick me down as a possible
  3. also a possible for me but meet you at Loftus :)
  4. I'm in too. I'll meet you blokes at Dapto Shell (that's the big one right before the illawarra highway roundabout, right?)
  5. Excellent.

    You mean that car park for Loftus Oval just before the turnoff for the Nasho? Righto. We can swing by there for a minute. :)
  6. I got a day pass and I'm in:)
  7. I'm not sure where that is. The one of have plotted on the map at Dapto is the Mobil on the corner of Fowlers Road and the Princes Highway.

  8. thats the 1 :)
  9. Yeh I reckon I might be there. Can I recommend a slight route change though? going down barrengarry sucks donkey balls, going up is much nicer.

    Also IIRC there is no fuel at KV
  10. Went down it about 6 weeks ago, seemed to be better surface than I remember. It can suck if you get stuck behind a lorry, yes, but its not that bad. I would rather keep the route simple.

    Yes, you're right. People with small tanks will need to fuel up before leaving dapto.
  11. There is fuel in KV is just after you go over the bridge on the right hand side heading in to the town.........it aint cheap tho!
  12. this looks like it would be heaps of fun...never been down here so I'm in
    being my first time over there I'll probably be quite slow so hopefully i don't hold up the group too much haha
  13. The plan is that the regroup spots will give stragglers time to catch up.

    Absolutely go at your own pace; if the guy in front is going a bit quick for you, just ride at your own pace and take the corners the way you feel is safe.
  14. so gives me plenty of time to have a cig waiting for u blokes to catch up :D
  15. Yeah, pretty much mate, you know I have you in mind :p
  16. Sounds like fun! Put me down as a maybe. (y)
  17. Hi

    if i can get a day release pass ..

    Got ur Triumph yet chrome ?
  18. Marked you as a tentative!

    The word is that I might have it next week. Riding to work this morning, I saw a dashing chap on a GT speeding to work in style, and I had a chat with said fine fellow, and he concurred that it was a most righteous steed indeed.
  19. pencil the Hornet in, I kinda like those roads, meet at the Mobil at Dapto.
  20. Very tempting! Will try and keep the 11th free. Let you know closer to the date if I can join you at Loftus Oval.